The Diary of a Girl Who Lives

It's my diary for the Dear Diary competition...hope you guys find my life funny or enjoyable or weird or whatever it doesn't matter I'm open to it.
My fabulous cover by: Indigo Bottles
(Thank you)...(again)


12. 5/14/15 - My war just got bigger

2 Horus later.....

we are all still fighting and I showed the person that it's all about everything and she was crying and gah... I told the friend who's strayed it to stop pulling the religion car dine everything and to stop saying she a trying to forgive us like WE were the ones that started it and she's always like I'm forgiving you guys to get closer to Heavenly Father. And she basically told me I'm going to hell because I dint of to the one true church (which is a Mormon one....I don't hate Mormons or anyone who's not Christian) and then  everyone was like well I guess we're going to hell with you Alex and it's just like we are down with always bring us drama so stop...this week has been so stressful and tiring and I'm just dine with everything...I want to go home and see my deedee (dad) he's been gone for 2 weeks and it's been super hard with everything that's happened to me this week it's just been super tiring and I'm fine and I'm. Trying to be strong but I'm not sure how much I'll be able to handle....I know this weekends going to be hard tho...AGH!!!! I'm done....I'll be off line most if the also can't use my guard equipment because I have to turn it all in tomorrow....ugh...hats it bye

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