A Hogwarts Chapter

Sofia has always thought she was just strange, But she soon finds that's not the case when she meets a certain wizard after a dreadfully rainy night...

Are you ready for a Hogwarts adventure?


8. The Hogwarts Express

As Susan's car pulls up at Kings Cross Station, I begin to feel really excited, finally realising the reality of the situation.

"I can't believe this is actually happening!"

Hermione turns to me from the front seat. "Trust me when I say it only gets better."

• • •

We reach platform 10, with 9 right next to it, and walk up to one of the arches between the two.

"Sofia! Watch and learn." It's Harry.

He takes about five steps backwards with his trolley, and starts running towards the arch wall.

"I know you've told me about this.. But is it really necessary?!"

He doesn't reply because a second later he's engulfed by the bricks along with Hedwig in her cage. I gasp.

Hermione walks up to me. "Listen, it's fine. It's just a portal to the right platform. It doesn't hurt, I promise. In fact, you should go first!"

I look at her sheepishly, but the determined look in her eyes causes me to bite my lip in thought.

"Oh.. Alright then."

I repeat exactly what Harry had done moments before, pulling my trolley back with me and concentrating extremely hard on the small arch wall. I can do this.

"Go!" Hermione says from somewhere next to me. "I'm right behind you!"

I sprint towards it, bracing myself for impact.

But there is none. I feel like I'm being stretched and pulled like an elastic band for a few seconds, but then nothing. Sounds start to form around me. People, a train, trolleys.

I unscrew my eyes to see Harry beaming right in front of me. "See, it's not so hard is it?"

I nod weakly, looking around.

Seconds later, Hermione comes through the arch wall and walks up to me. "You did it! Well done!"

I look up at the platform sign. 9 and 3/4. Strange.

Harry and Hermione gesture towards the large train, puffing and steaming. On it are the words 'Hogwarts Express'.

We step into it, leaving the trolleys behind but taking our bags.

We find a seat and sit down. Both Harry and Hermione are smiling more than ever, evidently pleased to be here.

Harry turns to me. "Welcome aboard!"

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