A Hogwarts Chapter

Sofia has always thought she was just strange, But she soon finds that's not the case when she meets a certain wizard after a dreadfully rainy night...

Are you ready for a Hogwarts adventure?


2. Professor Bumble-What?!

I stare at him curiously. "What.. What do you mean?"

Harry furrows his brow, deep in thought.

"I need to show you.. But first I need to contact Professor Dumbledore."

"Professor Bumble-what?!"

"Don't worry about it. But come with me."

He starts walking towards the other side of the road.

Something in his eyes is.. Safe.

I know he won't hurt me, So I follow him.

We reach a door bearing a little silver number 4, and Harry pulls a key out from underneath the door mat.

He slips the key into the lock, but before he turns it he turns to me with serious eyes.

"Be really, really quiet."

I nod in acknowledgement.

He turns the key in the lock, grabs my hand and tiptoes in with me behind him.

I can see two people standing in the garden, fighting about something.. Presumably a couple.

And there, only 4 metres in front of me but facing away, is a really chubby boy watching some sort of cartoon, stuffing his face with popcorn.

Jeez... How Harry stays thin will remain a mystery to me.

I barely finish my thought before he starts up a flight of carpeted stairs, hauling me up with him.

We reach a wooden door before I can say anything about it. He slowly creaks it open, and we step inside.

I spot a large cage..

"You have an OWL?!" I shriek, forgetting my task of silence.

"Shh!!" Harry sticks a finger to his lips as he closes the door behind him.

I bring a hand to my mouth. "Oh! Sorry!"

"Don't worry about it. That's Hedwig."

He says, indicating towards the owl with his head. I've never seen a snowy-white owl in my life. Well.. I guess that adds up seeing as I've only been to the zoo once.

He pulls out some paper from a nearby drawer and quickly scribbles something on it. He pauses midway and turns to face me.

"Sorry.. What's your surname?"


He nods his head and turns back, continuing to write.

He steps towards the cage, so I step back, unsure what to expect. He sees this and smiles. "Don't worry, she's absolutely fine." I nod weakly, which just makes him smile more.

He opens the cage door, takes Hedwig out, and hands her the rolled-up paper. He turns to me, owl-on-arm.

"Could you open the window please?"

"Oh.. Sure."

I step towards it and unlatch the hinge, causing it to swing open slowly. I step back as quickly as possible.. Expecting the worst.

But Harry only walks up to it and let's Hedwig out with the paper.

"Wait.. She's sending that to someone?!"

Harry laughs again.

I must be seriously stupid.

"Yep.. That's how the postage works."

Okaaaayy... Owls. I'm fine with that.

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