A Hogwarts Chapter

Sofia has always thought she was just strange, But she soon finds that's not the case when she meets a certain wizard after a dreadfully rainy night...

Are you ready for a Hogwarts adventure?


11. More Than Just A Strange School

The carriage comes to a stop, and I look up.

I gasp, my eyes widening.

It's beautiful.

It's so much larger than I'd expected, and the mighty arches that form together to create its structure seem to flow together yet apart. Never before have I been taken aback by a building in such a way.

"It's awesome isn't it?" I turn to see Ron facing me. "Wait 'till you see inside." He says, stepping off the carriage. "Come on!"

I smile and follow him up to Hermione and Harry. We reach the doors and I brace myself.

I shake my head in amazement. "Looking at the other student's faces, the building alone is outstanding, yet everybody seems to take it for granted."

"It's probably because of how many things the building contains.. And some people can only appreciate so much." Hermione replies, her eyebrows raised. I have a creeping suspicion that she's talking about a specific person.

We walk further into the building and reach large double doors. Apparently, that's where the great hall is, but I don't get to see it because we wave goodbye to Hermione and Ron and move to the side so we leave the doorway clear.

"Harry.. Aren't we going in there?" I whisper in confusion.

"Nope, my instructions were to take you to Professor Dumbledore's office."

"But aren't all the teachers in the great hall for that housing ceremony that you told me about?"

"Yes, but after the first years get placed into houses, he'll leave and meet us there."

"How do you know all this?!"

"There are other ways than letters to communicate in the wizarding world, Sofia." He smiles knowledgeably. "And by the time we get there, Dumbledore will already be waiting for us."

My brow furrows in confusion. "How on Earth will he- Actually, I'm done asking questions like that. It's really strange here!" I exclaim, my arms raised in frustration.

"You've got that right!" Harry replies, laughing a little. "Let's get a move on, I can hear them starting with the names already."

We make our way to the office, passing all sorts of crazy things that I can't explain to anybody... Ever.

We reach a stone gargoyle, and I shove my questions away for now.

"Follow me." We both step into the opening in the wall.

Harry unfolds a piece of paper and clears his throat.

"Sherbet lemon."

My eyes dart from the gargoyle to Harry several times.

"Um.. Harry?"

Suddenly, the gargoyle starts to spin. I'm thrown off-kilter for a second and almost fall. Harry steadies me. "It's okay, this is the way up!" He smiles, slightly sympathetically it seems.

I swallow and nod gingerly, not sure what to make of the situation.

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