A Hogwarts Chapter

Sofia has always thought she was just strange, But she soon finds that's not the case when she meets a certain wizard after a dreadfully rainy night...

Are you ready for a Hogwarts adventure?


6. Hermione's House

We arrive at a bricked house.

As we walk past the shrubbery leading to the light blue door, I realise how nervous I am.

"Harry, are you sure it's normal to show up to someone's house in the middle of the night with a stranger?"

"Oh, don't worry about that! Hermione and her parents are fine with it! They know about you."

I let out a sigh of relief. "Okay.. Good."

Harry steps up to the door and softly knocks. I hear some footsteps and a creak.

The door opens to reveal a medium-height girl that looks our age with mousy brown curly hair, wearing her light purple pyjamas.

She's smiling.


She steps down to hug him, and I step back, feeling intrusive.

As she lets go she moves her attention to me.

"And you must be Sofia! Hi! I'm Hermione."

She hold her hand out and I shake it.

"Yep, that's me.. Hi."

She turns to both of us.

"Come in!"

We both step in and I'm almost blinded by the living-room light.

My eyes adjust pretty quickly and I look around. It's a cool house.

The wall colours and furniture are quite modern, but somehow warm at the same time.

"My parents are asleep but I've prepared the sofa down here and a fold-out bed in my room. I assumed that Sofia would sleep on the fold-out bed, but if that isn't the case-"

"I'll be absolutely fine on the sofa, Hermione." Comes Harry's tired voice.

"Great!" She turns to me. "Follow me!"

I trail after her, yawning slightly.

Her bedroom is painted a soft lavender and white, and contains two beds, a chair, some pillows, a window with purple curtains, a side-table piled high with books and a mood board covered in photos and certificates.

"Cool room!"

She laughs quietly. "Thanks!"

I walk over to the fold-out and plonk my bags next to it.

"Sorry but, where's the bathroom?"

"Oh, it's two doors down."


I grab my toothpaste, toothbrush and face wash. I always have those and some clothes with me because sometimes I have to escape from that wretched home, and it's usually unexpected.

When I get back, Hermione's already asleep. I climb into the bed and collapse into it gratefully.

I fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.

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