A Hogwarts Chapter

Sofia has always thought she was just strange, But she soon finds that's not the case when she meets a certain wizard after a dreadfully rainy night...

Are you ready for a Hogwarts adventure?


1. A Sudden Change

I pull my scarf up to my chin against the cold evening wind. Those rushing around me are grasping umbrellas, waiting for the downpour.

Well, what can I say? This is London after all.

The rain starts slowly and proceeds to come pouring down, so I decide to take a different route, fearful of getting run over due to the fact that cars now resemble little floating lights.

Somehow, I end up on the edge of a street that I have never seen before... In the pouring rain... Umbrella-less.

I can't see the street name through the raging rain, and my Google Maps app is a giant blur, so I try walking down the road without bumping in to something.

The rain gets stronger, causing me to walk much faster down the road seeking a dry spot to wait underneath.

My foot makes hard contact with an unidentifiable object and I slam into the pavement beneath me.

• • • • •

My eyes flutter open and meet a bright light.

The sun?

My memories come flooding back and I frantically sit up.

I've been here all night?!

I gasp at the sudden pain in my head, bringing a hand to it.

Where am I anyway?

I look around for the street name, but my eyes fall on a boy that has just appeared on the other side of the street. He looks about my age, and wears a pair of slightly baggy jeans and a grey top.

I feel a pang of pain in my head again before I can focus on his face.

Why does this kind of thing always happen to ME?!

I groan, annoyed at my bad luck.

"Are you okay?"

I unscrew my eyes to find the boy kneeling in front of me with a concerned look on his face and his hand reaching out to help me up.

I grasp it gratefully, bringing myself to my full height.

"Yeah, I think so!"

He spots something on my face and frowns.


"Your forehead is bleeding."

"Oh, I'm sure it's nothing." I get hurt all the time due to my klutziness.

I reach into my bag and pull a plaster out, showing him. "I'm always prepared!"

He laughs softly. "What's your name?"


He smiles. "Mine's Harry. So, how'd you end up-"

Suddenly, a group of girls turn up on the edge of the street, shouting and laughing.

Shoot. They're from the care home.

I duck behind a short wall and Harry follows, glancing at me. "Do you know them?"

I nod slowly, whispering back. "They are equally parent-less for one reason or another, and reside in the same care home as me."

"But wouldn't the people working there be worried about you?"

I stifle a laugh. "Them? Care about me?! Yeah right."

Their laughs are getting louder and louder. I raise a finger to my mouth, indicating for Harry to be silent. He nods slightly, understanding.

Suddenly, the noise stops.

"Oi, is that you Sofi-Tofi?" My heart skips a beat. It's Tayla.

"Oh my gosh!" Amber squeals. "She's having a little make out sesh with that creep over there."

I stand up so they can see me properly, and stare at them in distaste. Harry stands up beside me.

"You just wait till Mr Browns finds out about this!" Dana squeals with pleasure.

My eyes widen in terror. I could get thrown out and I'd have nowhere else to go.

"NO! WHY??!!" I shout.

Tayla giggles. "I bet that's what your mum said jus' before she crashed into a bleedin' mountain! I guess bad choices run in the family!" They all burst into a fit of giggles.

That's it. They've crossed a line. HOW COULD THEY?!

Anger bubbles inside me like lava. I clench my teeth.

Harry tries to say something to me but I don't hear it because of the shrill of pure hatred deafening me.

Suddenly, the lamppost just above them bursts into flames, sparks flying. "YOU'LL PAY FOR SAYING THAT." I shout, furious.

They look at me with sheer terror and run away before I can say anything else.

I flop back, realising what I've just done. Harry, for some reason, hasn't run away. He isn't calling me a freak.

He's... Not even scared at all.

"Are you okay Sofia?" I shake my head, taking in what I'm going to have to face when I get back.

"How long have you been able to do that?"

I glance at him, frowning. "I don't know.. Ever since I can remember, whenever I get angry something weird happens. I try to suppress it because it's... Weird."

He looks into my eyes with sincerity.

"I know a place where it isn't."

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