Dear Diary...

I let you in my life, reading my diary.
Welcome in my world, hope you like it here!


1. Day 1.


5/5/15        Tuesday


Dear Diary, 

Today is a new start. 

In writing a diary at least, when I was younger I never was able too keep one. 

I forgot to write it, but now that I'm older I will try it again.

Hopefully with success.

Well today isn't such a special day. 

All my friends are on school and I'm sitting home, surfing, writing some parts of stories. 

The usual. 

I'm sick, it's my throat. 

Swallowing hurst, and eating too. 

I decided to stay home till Thurseday. 

I hope it's better then. 

Because Friday there is a party, and I would like to go. 

All of my friends/ my squad are coming too. 

It would be epic! 

I didn't heard a thing from Joren today. 

He's the boy I like. 

He's also in school, and normally we text all day. 

Me and him have like the weirdest thing going on. 

I love him, or at least I like him. 

I figured that out about a month ago. 

I don't know what he feels towards me, but sometimes he is like the sweetest person on earth and other times he is so short to me. 

We have it difficult because of his age and my age. 

That's what holds us away from each other. 

I'm 5 years younger than him, and we care too much what other people think.

But we also have a lot on each other, when somethings wrong with me he notices and that's the kind of person that I need.

Someone who will care for me, someone that will love me with whole his heart. 

That's all I'm aksing for. 

I hope he knows that I will be there for him too, because I wouldn't know what to do if he wasn't here anymore. 


Well Dear Diary, for the first time talking to you it felt very good. 

Hope you want me to write again?

I would love to, 

I will write you tomorrow. 

Lots of love, 

Maya xoxo

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