My Strange Teen Diary


2. My Childhood

September 27th 2012

Im kind of new to this whole "diary thing" I should have started my diary when I was younger but my childhood wasn't all that easy. I grew up with young and dumb, alcoholic parents. My mother had me when she was in college, she was 21 she had wanted to be a school teacher, but than she dropped out to marry my father.

My father was 25 he had already graduated college to become a professor, he was very intelligent, but he's in jail now. I miss him so much. My father murdered one of his students with whom he was having an affair with. My mother told my father she was pregnant with his child, he denied it. When I was five she found out about the affair and, murder.

My mother threatened to go to the police and tell them he murdered a student and also had an affair with her, but then he grabbed a knife off the kitchen table and stabbed her numerous times, he thought she was dead and then I called 911. In the hospital she made a quick recovery she had gotten stabbed 13 times almost died in the hospital I was lucky social services were about ready to put me into foster care but they didn't.

My father was sentenced to death in 2012 which is the year I'm starting writing in my diary which is because I'm so scared, I know I haven't seen my father in 8 years but I'm going to miss him a lot I need a nice warming place to write all my thoughts without being judged.

My father is going to die tomorrow on my birthday (gee what an awesome present dad!) I'm going to miss him so much even though I was so young when he was sentenced just the thought of my dad not being here on earth anymore hurts, as for my mom I just couldn't imagine what she is feeling about this. This is pretty much my childhood and your just living in it.

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