Save Me From Myself

A supernatural fanfic


1. Prologue

I cringed as the demon punched me in the face again busting my lip. The strong metallic taste filled my mouth and I spit to try and get some of it out. I struggled against the ropes that were keeping me tied to this stupid chair.

I really should have brought backup but I'm an only child that lives in a foster home and the rest of the kids there think I'm insane every time I bring up hunting.

The demon circled around me grinning sadisticly. "What the hell do you want you sunuvabitch?!" I yelled.

"To kill you of course." It chuckled darkly.

"Who sent you?" I asked.

"Azazel." He said the grin still plastered on his face.

My breath caught in my throat. "Well shit. This is going to be even harder than I thought." I grimaced as I was struck in the side of the head. Just as everything was going black though a bright orange and red light pierced through the darkness.

I felt a pair of hands working on the ropes that held me there before everything was dark again.

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