League Days: The Diary of Missy League

Welcome to my days! I hope you enjoy yourself, I know I don't! *dun-dun tss*
Haha, I'm so not funny. :|
Yeah, this is a diary. Don't know why you would care to read it, but then again why not?


16. May 19th, 2015 - Tuesday

Everyone turned everything in today. We all share the same fourth hour and together we put the binder for the final part of the project together. That was fun. I apologized to people for angering them and now that the project is over we have all been working on study guides in that class. 

I'm so glad we only have a couple more days of school left. I am excited to take my final and be done with it. :) I know what all my finals are gonna be about. 

You wanna know what really annoys me though? Some kids are leaving early to go on vacation and they are getting angry at their teachers for not being able to provide the study guide or find a good time to take their test. Like, it's not their fault you are leaving early. They didn't plan for that, you should have told them earlier. 

And then they have the audacity to say it is the teacher's fault that they don't understand the material that hasn't been taught to them yet. Seriously, people are just jerks sometimes. 

But yeah... 

And today after school we had the last meeting of my writer's club and we threw a party. There were cupcakes, chips, Caprisuns and pizza. We listened to music, played Yu-Gi-Oh, read stories and just sat around talking. It was fun.

Then I came home and fell asleep. I woke up an hour ago and ate dinner. I sleep a lot, don't I?


But I'm up now and I'm going to do my super simple math homework and then go to sleep again. XD 

:) Night.

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