League Days: The Diary of Missy League

Welcome to my days! I hope you enjoy yourself, I know I don't! *dun-dun tss*
Haha, I'm so not funny. :|
Yeah, this is a diary. Don't know why you would care to read it, but then again why not?


11. May 14th, 2015 - Thursaday

Today at school I felt fine. I actually had fun at PE which shocked me, but people were randomly yelling at me angrily so I don't know what I was doing wrong.

But other than that my day was fine. We are back to normal scheduling instead of block. But I kinda miss block scheduling... 



Killed those motherfuckers.

Sorry for the language, but I hate them. Soooo much. I wouldn't mind them if they 1) stayed out of my house, 2) didn't touch my food, or 3) stuck to the shadows. But nooo.

They HAVE to get into MY house. They HAVE to take MY food. And then they don't even try to be desecrate about it, either. They just crawl, in all of their really flashy black shells, ALL OVER MY HOUSE!!!



But on a much brighter note, my sister had a concert tonight!! :D

It was a mix or Jazz band, Concert band, and the Choir. It was marvelous! I wanted an encore! IT WAS SOO GOOD!!

TTvTT My sister was such a beautiful star and she sounded beautiful. I loved the show. I wish everyone in the world could have heard them play. :) I had never heard our school's Choir before, either. So I'm really happy to say that they sounded FAN-freaking-TASTIC! We got White Castle afterword. (I love WC! Yum.)

Yeah... :)


I'm gonna draw for a bit before I head off to bed. Night.

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