League Days: The Diary of Missy League

Welcome to my days! I hope you enjoy yourself, I know I don't! *dun-dun tss*
Haha, I'm so not funny. :|
Yeah, this is a diary. Don't know why you would care to read it, but then again why not?


28. June 4th, 2016 - Saturday

Well, in the spirit of never letting something ever be completely finished, I decided to update this. Why not, you know? 

This whole story had been for a contest to see if people would blog their lives, but now I just feel bad. I only did a month out of 12?! Wow, I am such a lazy bastard! Haha!

Just a recap! 

In June my incredibly young and talented uncle died, but the cruise was fun. In July we all were still mourning my uncle. August is when school started and I was a little shit, still angry that my uncle died. September was a blow to the gut because then my beloved grandpa died and I just got worse. School sucked all year, the only fun classes being Yearbook, history, and Spanish. October was Halloween, which wasn't as fun this year due to my missing relatives. November sucked for the same reason and December was just unbearable. I was a brat and terribly mean the whole time. January I started to get over their deaths. February was my birthday. I'm 16 now. March I got to be Student of the month! April was spring break and I went down to Alabama with my robotics team, did good in our competition and also got my driver's license. May was finals month and it stressed me to the max. I'm glad it's over and that I ended my year with a 3.9.

Makes me happy to know that I'm NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR A FREAKING 4.0! >:( Oh yeah, one of my teachers went and took out grades just to keep the B in her class, just to drop it into a fucking 3.9. God, some teachers are such bitches! And let me just say, this teacher is a terror and play favorites with the skinny cheerleaders, but is a brute when dealing with marching band kids. I hate her. >:( I'm at least grateful that I won't have to deal with her next year, seeing as if I did I think I'd just drop out of school. She's that bad, seriously. 

OH! I colored my hair blue and purple. I like it. I think it looks coolio! :D

 Ummmm... Kylie isn't my best friend anymore, because she decided she doesn't want to talk to me - and no, I don't know why. So that's great... :/

And now you're all caught up with my boring life. So, on to today.

Today started out okay. First I got up around 11 and took a shower, then I went to a lame fandom-con that my library hosted. I love my library, but being around other anti-social weirdos didn't really make my day at all, especially when one of them stabbed my friend, Daisy, just for deciding she was going to try and do a rock! paper! scissors! battle with a girl who cosplayed as a ninja. Apparently the other kid thought it was a great idea to be like such a jerk and then ran away screaming that she'd won. >:(

That had made me very angry and my poor friend, who normally have very little interaction with people because she doesn't like many of them, got stabbed for coming out of her shell. *sigh* So that happened. And then I bought a book. Then I saw some of my other friends and bothered them! Hehehe. That had been fun! XD

And after that my friends and I all sat in a big circle and chatted while we waited for our panels to arrive. 

When they did, my sister and I went and saw some guy talk about his opinions with comics. He didn't want to answer my questions and argued with every opinion that I voiced >:( I wasn't very happy with him, but his female companion was much more my flavor and I enjoyed her a lot.

The next thing I went and did was Dance Dance Revolution. For the record, I suck. It is a very hard game to play and when this guy did it so easily in what he told me was drunk mode (where the moves float everywhere on the screen and are so random you just wonder "how?") and rocked it so hard that I just kinda stayed against the wall of the room, amazed.

But after that my sister and I left and went to another library, where the librarians laughed at me for wearing a Ms. Marvel dress and batman leggings. That was fun, but on the better side I checked out two fantastic books: A World Without Princes and the third book of the series. It made me very happy to get these gems in my possession and I've reached page 50 already on a World Without Princes. <3<3<3 

And so when my sister and I arrived back at home my parents had us watch Ride Along 2, which was extremely comical. I enjoyed it a lot. And then after that I went to my cousin's Graduation party.


It started at 6:30, but my sister and I didn't arrive till around 8, as we got lost and needed directions to his house! XD But when we got there we met this really pretty, cool girl who was very intriguing and captivating. At first it was awkward, because we didn't know her and we didn't like the same things, but once we got to talking we really couldn't stop! She was the highlight of our night, as my relatives tried to get me to drink with them and just stay the night! Ha! Like I would get drunk with my crazy family! XD But I got home at about midnight and read more until I decided to go back to movellas!

This site really is phenomenal. Truly. It's design is pretty, the set up is clean and I love the color scheme. :) Today was a good day. Not a great one, but definitely a good one and for that I'm happy.

Oh! Side note: I hadn't eaten breakfast or lunch, but even with my hunger I decided that spending $7 on a burger was suicide anyway and didn't eat until about four in the afternoon, when my sister and I went to taco bell. At dinner at 9 at my cousin's grad party! (With the best brownies ever for dessert! XD)

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