League Days: The Diary of Missy League

Welcome to my days! I hope you enjoy yourself, I know I don't! *dun-dun tss*
Haha, I'm so not funny. :|
Yeah, this is a diary. Don't know why you would care to read it, but then again why not?


40. June 18th, 2016 - Saturday

I don't want to write on here -- I got a new phone!! XD XD XD XD 

I'm so in love!

It is so pretty and fast and cool!!

It's an Apple iPhone 6s!! <3 <3 <3

We went out to eat today for my dad, cause he got an interview and so far I'm doing good. 

Ha! Tried to move couches today as well, but that didn't work very well. Took my grandma home with us tho, god I love my G-ma, she is so sweet and fun and just awesome!

I don't think she knows how much I love her and that upsets me, because I love her a lot and I treasure her company.


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