League Days: The Diary of Missy League

Welcome to my days! I hope you enjoy yourself, I know I don't! *dun-dun tss*
Haha, I'm so not funny. :|
Yeah, this is a diary. Don't know why you would care to read it, but then again why not?


39. June 17th, 2016 - Friday


Today is the day that I got to visit...

Drumroll please!!!


I know, who cares about that? But I did! I actually really enjoyed the tour and the food and especially getting to see the cute tour guide! ;) I mean, what makes for a better tour than a cute tour guide?

But the only part that I hated was the fact that in their presentation they added in annoying things like religion and dissing art majors. (I plan on becoming an art major.) Yet, overall the experience was amazing and I would see what it's like to work at such a place that uses robots, something I'm really into.

I also loved being able to instantly point out things that could be better, especially in their presentation department, but for a bunch of ENGINEERING majors I guess it was okay. Ah!! But, bless my robotics mentors for mentioning that there were kids (namely most of the business kids that attended) that were planning to be art majors that didn't agree with the stupid joke of Art Majors asking "Would you like fries with that?" instead of something more funny. Like, "You can't afford me."

As we all know, most of us resort to prostitution before we go for McDeez. ;)

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