Getting back us

How can you love but be too scared to stay? To Mia running was her only solution till she met Tony but now that she knows love and lived in love. the separation between the both of themis heartbreaking not only to Mia & Tony but to other people. takes you on a journey from the past to the present and see why their love was a story that touched everyone that was apart of it and why its so hard to stay when your scared.


2. Tony

I’ve never been laid up in bed for so long in my life. I keep replaying her last words in my head “I’m so done, goodbye Tony” her sobs, how hurt she was and the door slamming behind. She knew this wasn’t even my fault. She fucking knew it. I don’t understand why she decided to break away from me when I did nothing wrong. Then I remember our exchange of words, don’t think she would’ve walked out if those words were never said. Still she walked out that door and never came back. I rolled over and stared at our picture. My arms were wrapped around her and he face was slightly tilted back kissing me. This separation was killing me, I love her so damn much.

            I had received a text message last night saying

“We all know you want to see her again, we all know you both miss each other but are too stubborn to admit it. Come to Atlantic, hottest party of the year, dress to impress, don’t worry she’ll be there”.

Who the hell could’ve sent that? I had no time to think about that, I just needed to get ready for tonight. Maybe I should text my boys to meet me there just in case she didn’t show or something for I can at least have fun or try to. I was too tired to even think of texting them and letting them know. I seriously needed some sleep. It was too early to be up at this hour especially on my day off. I knocked out quick. I only dreamt of Mia and only her.



“Babe stop it” Mia giggled. We had just finished our workout at the park and I was soaking her with water.

“Get over here and take it like a champ since you want to wet me first” I said grabbing her wrist and pulling her closer to me. I let the rest of the water from my bottle drop on her. She shirked because the water was freezing cold.

“Are you done” she said still covering her face, I kissed the back of her head

“Yes” I said, she turned around

“I hate you” She said, I laughed and kissed her

“Can we go home now?” I asked

“Race you” with that she ran and I went right after. We ran out the park and stopped at the store. She lend against the wall and grabbed my shirt pulling me closer. She looked at me gently while biting her lips.

“I think we need to take this off of you ASAP” she smiled so sexy I already knew what she wanted. I took a deep breath and attempted to control myself. I kissed her lips then her nose then her lips again making her giggle.

“Well let’s go then” I said pulling her off the wall. She jumped on my back and I ran the two blocks we had left to get home. I grabbed my keys out my pocket and open the door. When I door closed she grabbed my face and started to kiss me passionately. I locked the front door as she did and threw her up as she wrapped her legs around my waist. I heard her sneakers fall behind me as I carried her to the counter. I sat her on the counter and stared at. She smiled

“What?” She asked softly

“Man I love you” I whispered trying to catch my breath

“& I love you” She said “more than life more than the air that we share, this is something I don’t ever want to lose, ever” I smiled at her. How could she be so perfect even covered in sweat and her hair in a ponytail, no makeup at all but so perfect?  She’s everything I ever wanted to me losing her was never an option. I took off my sneakers and kissed her again. She took off my wet shirt and threw it across the room, hers came off shortly after along with her shorts and socks. I got her off the counter and carried her to the room. I laid her on the bed and turned on the ac. She stood up and took off her bra and panties, she walked to the bath room and turned on the shower.

“Are you joining me or what?” she said looking behind her. Without one word I took off my shorts and boxers and followed her to the shower. The water was cold but that’s how she liked it after a workout said it calms down the soreness which it does she was not lying about that. The water fell from both of our heads we just stared at each other thinking this was it for us that there would never be nobody else, thinking we’d never part. That was never the plan actually.

            I opened my eyes it was only 2 pm great. I text the boys and let them know what was going down. They were over my house quicker then I could get up from bed. They had beers in their hands when I walked down stairs I kept forgetting that they had a key to get into the house.

“So Atlantic tonight?” Lino said

“You sure bro?” Julio said uncertain I didn’t really know how to explain so instead I showed them the text I received this last night. They both read it then looked at me like I knew they would, like I was crazy.

“I know it sounds crazy but I really think I should go for it” I said

“Bro, somebody has to be fucking with you. I mean all of the Bronx knows you and Mia’s story” Julio said

“& Brooklyn” Lino added

“Bro I even think Manhattan knows ya story” Julio said “& jersey, shit that’s where it began”

“I don’t know man, I really want to go” I said “Mia always said what do you have to possibly have to lose, take a chance and I think that’s how I should look at it”

“I don’t know man people just don’t text someone after three months at random

‘Come to Atlantic she’ll be there’ bro that shit doesn’t sound right” Lino said

“Exactly something doesn’t seem right man I’m telling you” Julio said. I took a beer and sat down. I had a lot to think about.

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