Getting back us

How can you love but be too scared to stay? To Mia running was her only solution till she met Tony but now that she knows love and lived in love. the separation between the both of themis heartbreaking not only to Mia & Tony but to other people. takes you on a journey from the past to the present and see why their love was a story that touched everyone that was apart of it and why its so hard to stay when your scared.


1. Mia

                                                                           “Common girl, I swear it’s going to be fun,” pleaded Rosie on the phone

“You haven’t been out all summer,” Linda added

I took a deep breath “no, I’m not going” I said

“Mia, you and Tony broke up months ago, stop punishing yourself,” Linda said

“I’m not upset anymore, just don’t want to go out” I said

“Right, what are you doing right now?” Rosie asked

“She’s probably watching the notebook and eating cookies and cream ice cream,” Linda said

“No I’m not” I said “its low fat cookies and cream”

“Mia Bella-

“Don’t you dare go there” I said

“Let’s go out please,” Rosie begged

“I don’t know why you’re asking now, its 10 am” I said

“Because we want to turn you from ugly betty to a goddess” Linda said, Rosie cracked up “Mia, I saw you last night, it looks like you haven’t done your eyebrows ever, your hair looks like it was electrified and don’t even get me started on your nails”

“Yeah and why was the last time you shaved?” Rosie asked

“At least take a spa and beauty day,” Linda said “on me”

“You paying for me too” Rosie said

“No” Linda said, I giggled a little

“Fine spa day it is, and to answer your question Rosie I shaved last night because Linda made me” I said

“That’s nasty Mia, it’s been three months” Rosie said

“Whatever” I said “Ya need to understand that I was with tony for almost two year, I gave him my all for nothing”

“Still wouldn’t be as depressed” Linda said “But get dressed we’ll be over in 15”

I hung up the phone and looked at the weather it was 85 degrees at 10:30 am, thank god I shaved. I put on black high-waisted shorts, white sandals and crop blue shirt. I didn’t realize how much weight I had lost till I looked in the mirror. I was extremely skinny. All I did was work and work out 24/7 plus all I ate was yogurt and water, I hadn’t had a full course meal in months. Everything reminded me of Tony. I’m 23 depressed and single, definitely not where I wanted to be in life. I got on my weightier I was 110 pound any skinnier and I’ll lose my ass, I was surprised I still had one. Well I did squats.  I looked in the mirror again my eyebrows really did some serious waxing and my hair needed something different like some low light or something. I’ve been avoiding the mirror some much that I almost forgot what I looked like. I shook my hair out, I had finally gotten my curls back and I loved it. I threw it up and put on some hoops. My skin was so clear not one blemished to be seen. I never really needed makeup anymore. I put on the necklace Tony gave me. Even though we haven’t spoken since our argument I still had hope. We fell in love so quickly when we met, but we never admitted it, it’s like we were too scared to. Neither of us ever spilled the “I love you” till our first year together. The knocking on the door broke me out of my thoughts. I went to the door it was Linda and Rosie.

“Hey guys” I said weakly, I gave them a kiss on the cheek. Linda observed me.

“I really didn’t realize how skinny you got” She said

“Yeah me either” Rosie said “your always in baggy clothes when I see you”

“I know let me grab my wallet and sunglasses also put on some lotion and we can go” I said. I walked into my room and grabbed my lotion and accidently hit my photo frame that’s been down for months. I picked it up it was a picture of me and tony last year on our first cruise.

“I miss you” I whispered. I put it back upside down and started to put lotion on

“You miss him a lot don’t you?”

I looked up to see my Aunt Christina at the door.

“Tina?” I question, I gave her a hug “what are you doing here?”

“Well the girls told me about spa day yesterday figured I’d join and go shopping for an outfit for you tonight” Christina said

“That’s nice but no shopping needed, I’m not going” I said finishing putting lotion on

“Mia, you got to go, you haven’t gone out all summer, and you didn’t even come to Jersey for the fourth of July with the family. College is about to begin, one night out won’t hurt you. She pushed my hair back “I know it hurts baby girl”

“I’m over it” I snapped walking away from her

“No, you’re not, you’re just trying to be strong, it’s okay to cry and let it out. I know you don’t want to but you’ve become this robot nobody understand and just look how skinny you’ve gotten, what are you like 105 pounds now?”

“110 pounds actually” I sighed “Fine, I’ll go out tonight”

“Great” She smiled “will you passed by tomorrow Briana and Vanessa miss you”

“Sure I will” I said, she smiled and hugged me. She held me for a little

“I know Tony misses you too, you guys just need to talk” she said, I turn to her

“Maybe, we both said some hurtful words to each other” I said

“I’m sure ya didn’t mean it” she said gently, I pushed away and grabbed my purse wallet and sunglasses

“We didn’t” I sighed, “Can we go?” she knew I didn’t want to talk about it. We walked out the room.

“You look pretty but those eyebrows my lord” Rosie said “Linda was right”

“Whatever did ya make the reservations?” I asked

“Yes I did and I paid for all of us, they actually gave us a discount” Linda said

“How much was it originally?” I asked

“Like 880 and it went down to 440” Linda said “They asked if I rather have the package for four that it was on sale for 50% for the day I was like hell yes” We all laughed.

“Yeah Lin is in charge of spa, Ro is in charge of food and I’m in charge of your outfit” Christina said

“What am I in charge of?” I asked

“Nothing” Rosie said

“See the plan for today is for you to look & feel beautiful” Christina said

“Feel better & most of all have fun” Linda said

I stared at them blankly then I had remembered that my job had called me off today.

“Are ya the reason why my job told me not to go in today” I asked

“Guilty” They all said and laughed, I smiled

“I love you guys” I gave them a hug “Thank you”

“You need it” Christina said. I had a huge feeling they were up to something, I didn’t know what but I rather not ask I may not like the answer.

                                                                           We walked out my apartment my dad had gotten for me as a graduation present. He had paid for eight months while I was able to gain the money for the other eight months. It was only 1200 every month and 9600 for the full eight months and I had that money in no time. Not that that I ever actually spent money. I only paid my car insurance that was 260, my gym membership that was 10 dollars and my phone bill that was 120 a month. By far this month was the most expensive month so far because I had to pay 700 for all my books for this semester alone. So basically my dad did me a huge favor. Usually I only spend probably like 400 a month to 450 depending if I had to put gas in my car or pay for train. Sometimes I took the train to work because traffic is insane in the morning but my car was more comfortable because of my gym bag and my work bag. I never really bought food since I never really ate ever plus I was barely ever home.

                                                                           We took Rosie’s car since it was bigger than Linda’s & my car put together and Christina of coarse didn’t have a car. The car ride was a little annoying honestly but finally we got to Manhattan. There was something I could pay for, parking, but Rosie found free parking. It’s like they map this out perfectly. We got to the spa reception and greeted our friend. We’ve been here so many times so we already had a good friendship. We’ve gotten a lot of discounts thanks to her. Relaxation defiantly came in handy. She checked us in and we were on our way to an amazing day. What we loved about this spa the most women always got the tall gorgeous muscular men. During our massages nobody spoke, thank god they didn’t. Eventually I dozed off, I dreamt of Tony, the first time I met him.



“I don’t know what to eat” I said to Linda, we were at MCdondles we had just gone shopping and we were starving

“You usually get the wrap right?” she asked

“Yeah” I turned to the cashier “Can I just have the wrap with fried and a mocha frappe” I paid for Linda and I food and waited for it. When they called my number I grabbed the tray and when I turned around dropped all my food on somebody else. I didn’t even realize who I dropped it on till linda kicked me to look up. I was so busy apologizing that I didn’t notice who I had dropped it on

“Its okay don’t worry about it, I didn’t get dirty” He said he offered me his hand and helped me up.

“I’m sorry I’m just really clumsy, I’m so sorry about that,” I said. He smiled.

“I think it was all worth it,” he said, he extended his hand out “I’m Tony”. I took his hand and let out a small laugh of relief.

“I’m Mia” I said “But really I do apologize, let me buy you a new shirt at least”

“Lets do this, you let me take you to dinner and we’ll call it even” Tony said, I smiled


                                                                           I woke up just in time to get my facial massage.

“Fell asleep huh” Said the masseuse with his husky voice, I smiled.

“Yeah, you got amazing hands” I said

“Thanks, I’m Felix by the way” he said

“Mia” with that I closed my eyes, all I could think about was Tony.

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