Dark Intimacy: The Beast Within #1 (Original)

Iris is a normal woman whom becomes obsessed with a killer that she moves next to. She begins to get to know him as he truly is. What will she do when she finds out that he's not what she expects? Read and find out :)

~~~Warning: Contains a bit of sexual content, and bad language. ~~~


6. Chapter 6

“Hello?” She was hesitant to answer it.

“Hey, beautiful, it’s Ben. I caught the culprit. Come up to your bedroom. I’m using his phone.” I stated, waiting for her to respond.

“Okay, I’ll be up there.” She smiled, and hung up the phone.

I heard her running up the stairs and into the bedroom. I stood up, and walked over to her. She looked scared, but I reassured her that it was okay. I grabbed her wrist gently and pulled her close to me. “I just want to talk to you about all of this. Okay?” I asked her before just ranting on about the situation. She nodded and I let go of her, leading her towards the bathroom. “This guy,” I looked down at the intruder. “He has broken into your house, and he was attacking me and I accidentally stabbed him with the knife.” I looked back at her. “I didn’t kill him, it was an accident. And I want answers to it all. Which is the sole reason why I didn’t kill him.” I stated. “I am trying to keep him alive.” I stared at her in her eyes. “I saw him transform.”

“So…. If he is a monster, then what will we do with him? Like how will we make sure that he won’t run away?” She bent down and examined him. She checked his pulse. “He’s still alive, but we need to figure out something quick.” She looked up at me. “We could just keep him in your basement and feed him, make sure he’s well.” She stood up. “I’ll go unlock your door and you can carry him.”

I nodded. “Sounds good beautiful.” I smiled. I was so grateful that she was in my life. She made me seem flawless though, but I knew there were many flaws that I couldn’t even begin to describe. Yet she still loved a messed up murder. She knew everything, yet still, she was here. God, I am lucky. I smiled again. I bent over and pulled the body up, throwing it over my shoulder, and carrying it downstairs. I got to the bottom of the stairs and Iris was standing there, holding the door open for me. “I’ll buy you another couch.” I smiled, carrying the body outside and over to my house. I heard the faint footsteps from Iris, then she ran in front of me and over to my house. She quickly opened the front door and waited for me to enter. As I walked through the threshold, Iris followed closely behind me. I walked down to the basement and gently set the body down on the floor. I sighed, as Iris stood beside me. I looked at her, and wrapped my arm around her waist.

“You know, I’ve been thinking that I want to move in with you. If that’s okay?” She kissed my cheek. “You and I would be able to save some money, get rid of the house. But I don’t know how I feel about new neighbors.” I heard her sigh. “I just don’t want any creeps.

“Yea, that’s okay. I understand though, and I want the same.” I kissed her on the lips. “About the man,” I pointed over to the limp body. “I will be keeping a close watch on him. And I was thinking that we should obviously feed him, but get answers out of him.” I noticed that he was awaking. I walked over to him, and glanced at Iris. She knew what I wanted and walked upstairs to get something for him to eat.

The man sat up, and began moaning. He was in pain, and I grabbed the tylenol bottle and gave him all of it. “It might not help much but it’s better than nothing.”

Iris came downstairs with a few sandwiches and a couple bottles of water. She sat the plate down in front of him, along with the water. “There. Drink up.” She smiled, sitting next to me.

I nodded at her, and kissed her cheek.

The man looked at Iris for a second. “So, you two aren’t going to kill me?” He began shovelling the food into his mouth. He kept an eye on Iris.

“No, because we need answers. Why were you in Iris’s house?” I demanded. “We are feeding you, making sure you are okay, and I truly didn’t mean to stab you. I was just unsure of what I was getting myself into.” I calmly talked to him.

He quickly ate everything on the plate and set the fork down while chugging both of the bottles of water before clearing his throat to speak. He looked at Iris straight in her eyes. “The reason why I was in your house was because Mayven told me to. He is my boss, and I just follow orders, okay?” He seemed irritated. “I just do what he says, honestly. And he told me to kill everyone that was in my way, except Iris. He said that I was to go and find out as much as possible about him. But he treats me like i’m nothing. I want out of the pack, and I don’t know how. He controls me and I’m one of the newbies that he makes do everything. I do all of his dirty work.”

All of a sudden there was a knock on the door. “I’ll go get it. Keep an eye on him.”


Iris’s Point of View



    I looked at the man. “What’s your name?” I asked.

    He smiled slightly. “Ryan Eli Richardson.” He looked at me for a second then lowered his head. “You are quite stunning, I can see why every vampire I know wants you.” He calmly stated.

    “What?” I was confused. “What are you talking about?” I was confused.

    “Well, all I’m saying is that you’re the eye candy of the century. And you shouldn’t tie yourself down to one person so quickly.” He stood up. “I was told by Mayven that you fancy that man of yours and that you fell for him quickly. Why?” He shook his head. “He isn’t good, in my opinion. He kills everyone, and he’s planning on killing you. I have proof.” His bright gold eyes shimmered. “Listen to this.” He pulled out his phone from his pocket and pulled up a voice message. “Listen.”

I listened closely and I heard Benjamin clearly state that he was going to kill me once he had what he wanted. I felt the tears running down my face. “I can’t…” I stood up when I heard that Benjamin was coming downstairs.

Benjamin looked confused, and started walking over to me, trying to hold me closely.

I pushed him away. “You lied about loving me. About everything.” My voice grew shaky and my legs went limp. I couldn’t believe it, he was lying to me. I loved him and yet he wanted to kill me. A part of me was telling me to believe Benjamin but the other part of me was trying to believe Ryan.

Benjamin chuckled. “Well, I would’ve gotten away with it! God ****! Why did you tell her?!” He was beyond pissed.

Ryan stood up. “Well, maybe I wouldn’t have to tell her the monster you truly are if you would have told her first!” He was pissed also. His muscles tensed up, and he grabbed my wrist gently. “Come on, I’ll take you to Mayven.” He demanded with clenched teeth.

I walked with him voluntarily. I wanted out of that house. We practically ran upstairs and out the front door. When we got outside, I was staring at Ryan. “So, should I take my car?” I asked.

Ryan looked at me for a moment. “No, because I don’t want there to be any way that Ben can track you down. But I’m sure that Mayven will buy you another car, that looks just like it.” He smiled. “You’ll like Mayven, he’s nice, and respectful.” Ryan smiled, hugging me gently. “It’ll be okay. My pack will protect you. And,” He hopped into the drivers seat of his Porsche. I ran over to the other side and hopped in. Ryan faced me, while turning the car on. “Maybe Mayven will change you. I’m sure he will, because he has already told me that you are his mate, for sure.”

Man, Ryan was sure sharing everything with me. I smiled. “I’m like his soul mate, then?” I questioned. I wanted to know everything about this Mayven guy. His name made him sound ancient; as if he had been living here for centuries. “Out of curiosity, how old is Mayven?” I asked, feeling a bit awkward asking it. I didn’t really want to have to ask, but I safely assumed that Ryan couldn’t read my mind. I waited patiently, turning up the heat. I was suddenly freezing.

Ryan smirked. “He’s exactly 455 years old, as of today. It’s his birthday today.” Ryan was a very distinct person; short brown hair, tan skin, gold eyes, and thin lips. He had a prominent jaw line, and he was built like that of a avid body builder. He seemed as if he worked out every day without stopping. It was hard to believe that he was that built.

I couldn’t stop staring at his bulging muscles. All of a sudden, Ryan stops the car, and I scream a little. The car skidded to a stop at the intersection. There was a stop sign directly to my right.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t see the stop sign.” He was panting. “Please don’t kill me.” He pleaded.

He truly thought that over that minor issue, I was going to kill him. “Don’t stress, it’s okay. Stop worrying so much.” I smiled, pushing his shoulder slightly. “Don’t stress over something that small. No one is hurt, your car is fine. We’re fine. It’s okay.” I said simply.

“Okay.” He still seemed tense. “Well, if Mayven knew, he would definitely kill me.” He stared through the windshield, continuing to drive. “But, it should take about five minutes to get there. Just a forewarning.” He cocked his head to the side. “It’s very secluded, and the castle is huge as hell.”

“That’s nice. I like secluded. I don’t like the cities, too crowded, and too many people trying to get everywhere at once.” I looked out the passengers side window. “I like the quiet places.”

Ryan chuckled, “Well, that’s good. Just another few warnings before we get there. There are many people that won’t like you, because some girls are obsessed with Mayven, and I don’t know why. But he obviously only loves you. And there are a few guys to stay away from. Their names are Nickolas Featherstone, Kevin Peters, and Dane Richardson. They are the guys that no one wants to be associated with, due to the simple fact of how they interact with girls, if you catch my drift.” He warned.

“Okay, well what if I end up not liking Mayven?” I looked straight at Ryan. “What if he is obsessed with me but I don’t feel anything back?” I asked.

Ryan smiled again at me. “Well, there is no doubt that you’ll like him. From what I’ve seen in your room. But if you happen to not like him then you just simply tell him and you do your own thing. But just don’t lie to him, that’s his biggest pet peeve.” He honestly replied, pulling into a huge driveway that led to an old, grey stoned fortress. It was so beautiful that I couldn’t stop staring. “And we’re here.” He said, turning the car off after parking it and getting out.

I got out of the car and shut the door, and walked up to Ryan. “So everyone’s going to stare at me now.” I laughed.

Ryan hugged me again. “Nope, because now they’ll only be focused on how much Mayven will kill me for hugging you.” He chuckled. “Now the attention is off of you.” He walked up to the front door of the castle. There were rocks lining up from the driveway to the door; an ivory color.

The front door opened, and both Ryan and I walked inside. The castle walls were as thick as possible; the cement and rocks piled deep into the ground. There was a bridge leading to the main part of the castle; where local merchants stood selling vegetables and people stood tall and proud. There were werewolves running around outside, the sun directly above my head. The weather was perfect, a nice breeze coming from a nearby waterfall. There were mages practicing magic to my right. And little kids running after their dogs to my left. I walked alongside Ryan, staying close to him, just so that I wouldn’t get run over by werewolves. It was strange here, but I felt a sense of home within it. I watched everyone having a good time, and when I glanced in front of me, a man stood directly in front of Ryan.

Ryan smirked. “Hello, Mayven.” He motioned towards me. “I have brought Iris in one piece.” He smiled. “So, what now?” Ryan asked as Mayven looked me up and down. “Shall I show her around?” He questioned.

Mayven still remained silent. He looked at me in my eyes, and glanced back at Ryan. “Yes, you can show her around, and then once you’re done, bring her to my place.” He stated, smiling and nodding at me. He leaned over to me and hugged me gently. His fingers gently coursed up my spine. His fingers felt ice cold on my skin.

My pulse arose, and my heart began to beat fast. I couldn’t stop staring into his beautiful green eyes. His goatee was turning a silvery-black color on the ends, but the jet black color still remained. His long, straight hair that flowed in his face went down to his elbow. He was very tall, seeming to be about 6’ 8,” and had a very good tan going for him. It made me envy him, because I was so pale, like a ghost. I covered my skin because of it. Mayven seemed to be really calm and relaxed; his smile appearing once again upon his face. He wasn’t tensed up from where I could see, instead, he was very ecstatic. I finally got the urge to look away from him, nodding respectfully. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mayven.” I smiled, looking at Ryan, who was starting to walk to my left. “I will see you in a little bit.” I stated, nodding once again and feeling my face flush red. I couldn’t help it. I was wrong to think that I wouldn’t fall for Mayven.

Mayven stood there, smiling at me. “It was nice to finally meet you also, Iris Rowling.” His voice was so sweet, so pure. He seemed to be a respectful man, with good intentions. He gave me a very good first impression of him, which is good, considering the fact that I normally don’t fall for a guy that I had just met a few moments ago. He must be special.

I walked up to Ryan, who was smiling. “So, you like him. I know you do.” He nudged my shoulder, making me nearly fall onto the ground. “You are hardcore in love with him already.” He continued to say.

I laughed nervously. “I am… Yes.” I couldn’t deny it. I was already forming a crush on him, a huge crush. “I can’t help it.” I looked forward, noticing the small stands that were set up by the merchants. There was a little girl crying right next to me, so I leaned over and picked her up. “What’s wrong, honey?” I asked, concerned.

The little girl was still crying, the tears running down her face. “I don’t have food.” She seemed to be around ten years old. She was wearing a tank top and just regular blue jean shorts and a pair of cowboy boots. She had bright blue eyes and blonde hair. She began to cry into my chest.

I started humming a song that my mother used to sing to me, a lullaby that always soothed me in times of distress. My mother had basically drilled it into my head when I was younger, to where it was second nature to hum it when I was either stressed or hurt. I started leaning from side to side to try to soothe her that way also. “Where is your mother and father?” I asked her after I had hummed the rest of the song.

The little girl had fell asleep in my arms almost immediately. I didn’t mind. I looked at Ryan. “So, who is her mother and father?” I asked him in a whisper.

Ryan shook his shoulders. “I don’t know, honestly.” He leaned closer to me. “I don’t think she has any parents.” He whispered low enough to where I was the only one that heard him. He walked over to one of the merchants and bought a whole basket of assorted fruits and vegetables, and walked back over to me. “When she wakes up, we will give her this.” He showed me, but still firmly held onto the basket. “I promised Mayven that I’d show you around, so.” He began to walk in front of me slowly. “Maybe we should ask the locals if she has a home?” He held up his hands, making a weird face. “It’s an option.”

I smiled and nodded. “Yes, we should.” I walked up to him, then I spotted a young couple that was sitting on their porch with old rocking chairs. They had their newborn baby in their arms and a five year old running around chasing after a pet dog. I pointed to that couple, “Should we ask them?” I asked. “It wouldn’t hurt.”

Ryan nodded, “Lets.” He smiled, walking up to the couple with me.

I began to sway back and forth again, still holding onto the little girl. “Hello, my name is Iris Rowling. I was wondering if you had a second?” I respectfully asked.

The young lady nodded, and the husband took the baby and the five year old inside, closing the door behind them. “Yes, I have a moment.” She smiled.

“I was wondering if this child had any parents?” I honestly asked. “She was crying earlier and I picked her up. She told me that she didn’t have money to buy food. So that made me question where her parents were at, but before I could ask her, she fell asleep. I’d rather not wake her.” I smiled kindly.

The young lady looked a little upset. “Unfortunately, she does not. She hasn’t ever since she was born. I sometimes take her in when we have a little more money and can afford to feed her. But most of the time I cannot.” She looked down at the wooden floor for a moment. “She is a very nice girl, and no one even knows her name. But no one looks at her and helps her but us. They all just turn their cheeks and don’t question it. It’s sad really.” She leaned over to my ear. “Her mother and father abandoned her as an infant and refused to take her with them. They had sex, but refused to take care of the child.” She stepped back and looked at me.

“That’s depressing.” I sighed, looking down at her.

“The way you look at her amazes me.” Ryan smiled.

I looked at Ryan, astonished. “What do you mean?” I looked at Ryan, wondering why he said that.

“Well, Iris. In my opinion, you seem like the perfect mother for her.” He smiled at me. “Come on, let’s talk.” He urged, pulling my arm gently along with him as he walked onto the main rocky road that led straight to the main castle. “The thing is, you won’t have to worry about her not having a mother or a father if you become her mother. All you’d have to do is talk to Mayven about it. I’m sure he would gladly become a father to her. He loves you more than you know.” Ryan stated honestly.

“How does Mayven even know me?” I questioned, listening to the little girls faint heartbeat. I had already attached myself to this little girl. She was so beautiful, so perfect in my opinion.

Ryan smirked. “He has a way with knowing you. He saw you in every dream he has had since he was a young child. He only told me this because he didn’t know what to do. He has been very fond of you, and told me that you were the most beautiful woman that he has ever seen. When he told me about you, he drew a picture of you and wanted me to see if I could find you. He wanted you to himself, but he didn’t want you to be forced into it. He wanted you to voluntarily want to be with him.” He slowly walked up to the main entrance of the castle doors. The doors were very tall and wide. The doors were made of Alloy 1090, a type of carbon steel. Ryan looked back at me, wondering why I was just standing there. He walked over to me and waved his hand in front of my face. “Iris?”

I blinked and looked at Ryan, realizing that the little girl was still sleeping in my arms. I looked down at her, listening to the faint sound of her breathing. I smiled for a second and looked back up at Ryan; looking a bit concerned. I cocked my head to the side and examined him for the moment. “So, let’s go inside.” I smiled at Ryan, who smiled back and walked up to the front doors with me.

The sun began to set, and the breeze got colder. I had a cold chill up my spine. I knocked on the metal doors, and waited for Mayven to answer. I glanced at Ryan, who was just staring at the doors, shaking his legs a little, and swinging the basket in his hand. Mayven opened the door and smiled at me. “Hello, Iris, and Ryan.” Both Ryan and Mayven nodded at eachother.

“Well,” Ryan gently hugged me from the side. “I will see you tomorrow, and here is the basket.” He handed it to me, practically shoving it into my hand. “I wish the best for you tonight,” He smiled. “I will see the both of you tomorrow, since it is getting late. Goodnight.” Ryan swiftly nodded at Mayven and hugged me once more before walking away into the darkness.

I stood there, confused, but shook my head. “So,” I cleared my throat. “I’ve heard a lot about you.” I smirked.

Mayven opened the door wide, “You did?” He motioned inside. “You may come inside and sit down if you’d like.” He respectfully stated.

“Okay.” I walked inside, noticing how nice it was. There was a deep purple rug that went up the middle of the stairs. The stairs led up to many bedrooms. There were purple leather chairs in the living room, and a huge glass table in the middle of the room. There was a huge TV that hung on the wall directly in front of the table. There were paintings on the wall; some were of lakes, and others were self portraits. There was a painting on the wall that was in the hallway to my left that astonished me. It looked to me like Mayven was in the painting, with someone that looked exactly like me. It kind of made me feel awkward, but I didn’t want to say a word about it. I was just going to let it be. I looked into the living room, walking over to the couch and sat down. I laid down the little girl and let her sleep more. I smiled at Mayven, who sat right next to me, leaving little to no room in between us.

Mayven cleared his throat. “So, what have you heard about me, if I may ask?” He looked directly at me.

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