Dark Intimacy: The Beast Within #1 (Original)

Iris is a normal woman whom becomes obsessed with a killer that she moves next to. She begins to get to know him as he truly is. What will she do when she finds out that he's not what she expects? Read and find out :)

~~~Warning: Contains a bit of sexual content, and bad language. ~~~


2. Chapter 2

Iris's Point of View



       I looked at him, not realizing what he had said. I was still so stunned that he had kissed me back. I loved him, but why? Was it because he was different? Or was it because he was nice to me? I couldn't figure it out, but all I knew was that I couldn't run from him now. I had already said that I was going to be his girlfriend, which I did not mind one bit. I was just stunned. I was at loss of words. "You didn't do anything, I just." I sighed, grabbing both of his hands and holding them tightly, looking up at him with a smile, "I'm just not used to someone caring as much as you do. You already mean a lot to me, more than anyone ever has. And," I looked down at the envelope that was now on the ground next to Benjamin. "That envelope, you can read it. But I won't, because he means nothing to me. And you can rip it, burn it. It doesn't matter to me." I smiled, kissing him on the lips again. "I love you, and you are the only one in my life that I love."


Benjamin's Point of View


       I looked at her, stunned. I couldn't believe that she loved me this much. She was my entire world, I would kill for her. Hell, I already want to kill her ex for just the simple fact that he keeps trying to talk to her. It honestly angers me that he does that. It makes me want to kill him slowly, making him feel the pain until he finally dies in a week or two. I want him to suffer, no matter whose fault it is that they broke up. She is beautiful, and she doesn't deserve to be hurt, torn, or have anything wrong done to her when she deserves the best. Even I can see that. Even if she made me mad, and cheated, I'd still love her. I probably would forgive her just as easily too because I honestly cannot be without her. She is my life now, and I will not let anyone get in the way of us. But I also will not dictate who she talks to, because that is her choice. But if whoever it is, ends up flirting then I wouldn't be happy. "I love you, and I understand." I looked up at the sky, "It's almost 6 in the afternoon. If you want to go home to eat, then it is okay. You can just come over whenever you are ready." I smiled, letting her decide what she wanted to do. I wouldn't force her to stay if she didn't want to.

       She looked at me with sorrow. "I don't want to go but I do have to pay a few bills, and I'd rather do that at my house." She tried to smile but it did not work. I could tell that she wanted to stay, so badly. "I will be back shortly." She promised, standing up, while pulling me up with her. "I love you and I will be back in an hour or so." She promised again, kissing me on the lips for longer than a minute, letting her tongue graze over mine, getting as close to me as possible, and then squeezing me as tight as she could before walking over to her house.

       I watched her as she walked, how her butt shook, how she didn't do it on purpose. I watched every little move she made, smiling, until she waved at me before shutting her front door. I sighed, picking up my gun, the letter, and walking inside. I was curious as to see what this man wrote to her. She didn't read it, because it was still sealed shut. I walked over to the kitchen, setting down my shotgun and leaning against the counter. I looked at the name: Charles Quinn. That wasn't an attractive name, then again, Benjamin O'Connor wasn't either. I shrugged my shoulders, opening the letter carefully, keeping the envelope just to know where he lived. I unfolded the letter and something fell onto the ground, I knelt down and looked at it, picking it up. It was a ring, cheaply made. I made my own rings, and they were made with real diamonds and metal. I chuckled. "Fake." I threw it into the trashcan and started reading it.

       It read:


       You are my one true love. And even though we fought, you still let me go. I might have hurt you, but you know I didn't mean it. You know I love you. I cheated because you were away and I needed someone. But I still want you, and only you. That is all I have to say, other than the fact that I want you to be mine forever. I mean it this time. Take the ring and call me at: 765-8989.


       I laughed out loud. "Dumb fuck. I have your name, number, and address!! What's better than this!?" I laughed, walking over to my phone that I barely use, so I know it was charged all the way. I turned it on, and within a minute, it was fully on. I dialed his number and waited for him to answer.

       The phone rang a few times, then picked up. "Hello!? Iris?!" A man's voice yelled over the phone, but I remained silent. I wanted to know his voice by heart. That way I could spot him out in public. "Iris! Answer me??" He begged and pleaded.

       "You know what's funny?" I said, listening to the silence before his choked voice answered. "You expected her to call you, but you don't know me. I know your name, number, and address, and I also know that you don't have Iris. She is mine. No, I don't treat her as if she's a slave. But I know you probably did. I treat her as if she's a goddess. But not just any goddess, the ONLY goddess." I smiled, knowing that he felt like shit. "Like she is my entire world, and you are only a gnat to her. The one that annoys and pesters her until you kill it. I wonder what would happen if you were killed like a gnat? I think it would be funny as hell. And the funny thing of it all is, I think she wouldn't mind it either. She doesn't want you, nothing to do with you. And if you decide to try to drive here to get her, I will know. She might live in a different house, but I protect her. That's what she likes. She wanted a true man all along. I will not hesitate to kill your ass, nor will I hesitate to let you die after two weeks of torture. No one would know, no one would care." I laughed, listening to him not say a word, then I hung up. "Mission accomplished." I stated, laughing as I turned around, and Iris was right there. I was stunned. I didn't know she was in here. She didn't look sad, she was smiling, and crying? "Are you okay?" I asked, confused.

       "Yes." She smiled even bigger. "Thank you." She hugged me tightly, letting every inch of her body touch me. "I love you so much! No one has ever spoke like that to him about me!"

       I held her tight. "Well, you are MY girlfriend. I plan to keep it that way." I stated, feeling relieved that she wasn't mad that I'd kill him.

       She let go of me, looking straight at me, "So you would honestly kill him for me?" She questioned.

       I smiled. "Well of course. In my world, he's nothing but a pestering bug that tries to get to you. I won't let him hurt you. In fact, I know that he will most likely come here to try to 'talk to you.'" I laughed. "He's nothing but a fake. Hell, I can hear everything you do in your house, as crazy as that sounds, so he won't even step a foot out of his car, without me already having my gun ready, my shoes on, and out the door right next to his car, waiting." I promised, crossing my arms. "Like I said, he won't get to you. You are my girlfriend. I will protect you, and I don't talk shit unless I'd do it." I grabbed her hands, holding them tightly. "I love you. Now, let's go do something... Romantic." I offered, smiling while letting her think for a minute.

       "Oooh, okay." She kissed my cheek. "What will that be?" She asked me, giggling. "I want it to be a surprise."

       I laughed, "Okay." I pulled her close to me as she closed her eyes. I picked her up and she let out a small yelp in surprise. I walked over to the living room, setting her down gently on the couch. "I will be right back. You still can't look." I kissed her nose, then ran into my bedroom. I searched for my trimmers for my bushes. I grabbed them and ran quickly into the back yard, making sure that no one was watching, as I carefully cut each rose off of the bush. I grabbed them all, ignoring the small stabbing pain that I got in my hands and wrists from the thorns. I ran into the bedroom again, grabbing a piece of paper and a pencil and quickly writing the sweetest note that I could possibly think of. I ran into the kitchen to grab a vase, quickly filling it with water, and running back into my room. I heard Iris softly giggling in the living room, which made me smile even more. I still couldn't get over how perfect she was. I put five roses into the vase and grabbed the note, and walked into the kitchen, trying to hold all of the rest of the roses, the vase of roses, and the note, while trying to open up the pantry and grabbing a bottle of nice wine. I walked over to the living room, trying to be quiet as I plucked the rose petals off of the roses, and throwing them everywhere. I made sure to gently put some on her lap without her noticing. I set the vase down without letting her know that I was there. I set the note down and ran back into the kitchen, silently throwing the wasted roses into the trash and grabbing two wine glasses. I ran back into the living room, noticing that she was still sitting in the same position with her eyes closed. I took off my shoes, and sat down next to her. "You can open your eyes now." I whispered softly into her ear.

       She looked at her lap, picking up the pedals. "Aw, Benjie!" She yelled.

       I guess that was my nickname? Hearing her say it was the cutest thing ever! I was fainting on the inside.

       She stood up, looking at the wine glass and the note. "A note too?" She asked, about to pick it up.

       I chuckled, picking it up before her. "I want to read it to you, beautiful." I smiled, looking at her. "Well, in all honesty, I can say this without reading it off of the note." I set the note on the floor, looking at her straight into the eyes. "I want to thank you, for everything you have done for me. You have made me a better person just by letting me get to know you. I feel so fond of you, it is like I cannot ever get enough of you. I always want you to be with me, but I would certainly never make you. I love you, Iris. And you have made me the happiest man on Earth. You truly are the best for me. I don't need to buy my love for you, I just simply give you time. I spend time with you, I learn to love the little things." That was when my heart stopped, it was the look in her eyes that made it easier by the second to express my feelings towards her. "It's the way you giggle that makes me love you. It's the way you smile that makes me want to be the reason. I want to be the one for you, be the one you lean on when you feel weak, the one you turn to when you're afraid, the one you cannot live without. I want to be that man, Iris." I saw the way she looked at me when I said that. It was as if she was going to cry. She had that glossy look in her eyes, her lips quivered. I swiftly kissed her on the lips, letting myself lose control with her. My hands moved to her thighs, and she was gently pushing me towards the couch, making her on top of me. She wanted to be in control, she craved it. I smiled, letting my mouth kiss her chin, and then down her jaw line. She loved every second of it. Her soft moans made me not want to stop. I kissed her ear, then down her neck.

       That was when someone knocked on the door. I was so angry, so furious that I sat up, Iris got off of me, wondering what was going on. I walked over to the door, opening it as quickly as I got over there. "What the hell?!" I yelled, realizing that I didn't know this guy. He looked like a total stranger. Just then, he punched me in the face. "What the hell?!" I yelled, getting even more angry. I looked at him with a look that could kill anyone. "Go the fuck away!" I yelled, not wanting to have any remorse for this motherfucker.

       He just laughed at me. "Whatever, where's Iris?!" He cocked his head to the side, to see if she was in there.

       That was when all control over my emotions was lost. I felt nothing but rage, nothing but fury. I grabbed my knife and slammed the door behind me, stabbing him five times in the eyes, letting him scream in pain. He knew who I was, and I knew who he was. "Charley, I told you don't fucking test me. But you didn't listen." I laughed, pushing him down to the ground, and stabbing him right in the throat. "Die!" I yelled, tearing the blade through from his mouth to his collar bone. "Fucking die!" I yelled, stabbing him in the heart repeatedly, then stabbing him in his groin before dragging his body back to the endless ditch. It was about a three-hundred foot drop. I threw him down there, not having any remorse, then walking back into my house through the back door. There was blood all over me, but I didn't care.


Benjamin's Point of View


       I walked in through the back door, looking at my hands. There wasn't anywhere where blood wasn't covered on me. Luckily, it didn't get into my mouth. I looked up, only to see Iris, standing there. She seemed worried.

       "Are you okay?" She asked me, walking up to me, and holding my face, not caring about the blood.

       "Yes, just still mad at that motherfucker." I wasn't satisfied, not at all.

       She sighed, "Well, let's get you washed up." She grabbed my hands, leading me into the bathroom, and turning on warm water for the shower.

       I closed the door behind me, looking at her, a little confused as she stripped off her clothes.

       She just looked at me as if I was doing something wrong.

       I looked at her body, the curves. I saw a hickey where I had kissed her earlier, which I smirked about. I undressed myself, and she pulled me over to her as she hopped into the shower. She was ready to get in, and so was I.

       She got her body wet, running her hands through her hair to get her hair wet. I couldn't help but to pull her close to me. She was so beautiful. I felt so weak near her. She made me feel like the happiest man on Earth, and nothing could change how I felt about her. I stood there, letting the water run over both of us, holding her close. She didn't seem to mind.

       She turned around to look at me, holding a washcloth in one hand and body wash in the other. She let the washcloth get wet, and poured some body wash on it, rubbing it in. Then she started washing my chest, making sure to get every spot of me cleaned. She was a very caring person, and didn't mind helping me get clean. Something didn't feel right though, but I couldn't figure out what.

       I processed through my head where I put the body. He wasn't breathing when I dumped him, but still something felt wrong. I felt like something was going to happen, but I didn't know what. I stood there, over-evaluating the situation as Iris continued to wash my entire body. That was when I started thinking clearly. What if I got into trouble for trying to kill him if he wasn't dead? Surely, he will go to the cops and tell them where I live if he is still alive. Anyone in their right mind would tell the cops and get me arrested. But I did warn him, and I kept true to my word. Although, that would be considered threatening, which can lead to more charges against me. If I go to prison, then Iris will surely move on to someone else; anyone would. Who would want to be known as the girl that stays with a cold-blooded killer that went to prison or jail? Or maybe I'm just being overly cautious? I shook my head, looking down at Iris, who was done cleaning me off, and was looking straight at me.

       Her worry-filled eyes were glued to me. "Are you okay?" Her voice trembled.

       I hated worrying her. "Well, not really. I keep thinking about if he is still alive. Which he wasn't breathing when I killed him. But still. Anyone would go to the cops if they lived after that." I stated truthfully.

       "Well," She rubbed my back. "Honestly, I don't think he lived after that. You did a number to that guy." She giggled, trying to lighten the mood.

       I smiled almost immediately. "Yea. But you're the only reason why I manage to stay happy." I smiled, pulling her into a hug, which she gladly accepted. "I love you." I whispered, still listening closely to what was going on outside. So far there wasn't anything out of the ordinary. I looked down at her. "Let's get dressed." I leaned over to turn off the water and got out, still holding her hand. I dried myself off, and handed her the towel, while pulling my shirt over my head. I got dressed into clean clothes and waited for her to be done.

       She just looked at me, with this funny look on her face. She started drying my hair even more with the towel. "It's like soaked still." She had a valid excuse. "So I'm helping you out. It's cold outside and you don't need to be getting sick." Her soft voice echoed along the walls in the bathroom. She stopped drying my hair, and let it fall in my face, then laughed. She put the towel over the shower curtain and grabbed my hand.

       I opened the bathroom door, letting the steam escape into the hallway. I walked into the hallway, over to the living room and sat down on the couch, only to see Iris sitting right beside me. I wanted to be good, for her. I wanted to only be nice to her, and hate everyone else. "Iris." I looked into her deep green eyes.

       She was sitting there, wondering what I was going to say. "Yes?" She scooted closer to me, letting her hand rest on my cheek.

       "I don't know what you do to me, but when I am near you, I feel the need to always be right there and protect you. I feel like I need to be the only one that is there for you. I am always nice to you, but I hurt everyone else, still I don't understand that. But you mean the world to me, and I cannot live without you." I said, still looking at her. I was studying her emotions. She bit her lip, because she was about to cry. She was very emotional, but that was a good thing. I wasn't used to being all lovey towards her. I didn't know what was right and what wasn't, because she is my first, and my only. She was my everything and anything. I just never know what to say when I'm with her. Sometimes things will come out without me having to think about something clever to say, but most of the time, I think too long and let her worry. I hated how I over think all the time. I over-evaluate every situation, over think every possibility, even when it is a slim chance. But that is me, and she is just being herself. Obviously I'm doing something right if I have her. I instantly smiled at her. "I love you." Was all I could get to come out of my mouth.

       She looked at my hands, which were perfectly clean. She gently touched my fingers, letting hers trace my entire hand. "I will always love you." Her voice never grew old, and when she said that, it made my heart stop beating for a second. She looked up at me, intertwining her fingers with mine. "I know you better than you think." She smiled. "I know that you are a tough guy to shake when confronted, could easily kill anyone and anything, very careful about what you do and say." She hesitated. "But when it comes to me, you're the opposite. You're kind to me, letting me know what you're thinking, letting me into your life. I know it seems crazy to even think about, and you push it into the back of your head to try to focus on you. But honestly, Benjamin, you can't. I know you try to be your all when you are with me, which is why I'm still here. I still love you, no matter what you do. You are so sweet to me." She cocked her head to the side. "You know, no one has ever acted this way towards me." She took in a deep breath. "Well, if I'm being honest, no one has ever killed for me, nor have they ever stood up for me. I love the way you protect me, risking your life. Although, I could not live without you, Benjie!" She kissed me on the lips, letting us spare a moment to ourselves without interruptions.

       I didn't let her hands go as we kissed, and when I stopped, I looked at her. "You're in love with a guy who is not good to everyone else." I chuckled. "I still don't see why you're with me." I shook my head. "But whatever the reason, I certainly won't stop you. You are mine, and I plan on keeping it that way." I smiled, this time letting my teeth show.


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