The Letters

Letters for the ones who are close, or once were in my life.


1. Done

I am done. I am just simply 100% done. I am done with my life. No one cares. No one. They might be a major part of my life, but they don't care, and never will. So, why should I let others waste their life and time pretending to care and like me? I shouldn't. It is unfair to them. I should take another attempt at taking my life. I don't want to be here anymore. Plus, no one wants me here anymore. What about your family? Well, my mother spent many years verbally and physically abusing me, so she'd just get mad at the funeral costs. My little sister is following in my mother's footsteps, so she'd be on my mom's side. My da would care secretly, but wouldn't show it because of my mom. My little brother might care, but he's become distant from me throughout the past year. So, yeah. I also have an older sister, who has never really had much at all to do with my family throughout her entire 18-ish year existence. My family won't care much. On top of that I have quite a bit of money that they can have, and it'll help out lots because we are very much in dept. -But what about your friends? Where I lived last school year, everybody knows me as some snobby popular bitch who is really deeply in drugs, which I used to be. Everybody in this town I moved to this year,secretly hates me and I know it, so, don't tell me that they care and that I'm just being paranoid. I know they all hate me. I am not a likable person and never have been. There has always been something wrong that everybody hates about me. Like being too fat, or being too pretty, or even being too quiet or too loud. So YEAH. 

But anyways this book is letters to my "friends" and "family",

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