A School Girl Crush

Mia Knight is just starting high school and is moving from a small town to a town with a high school bigger than her entire old town. She doesn't even expect to find her way around school, so it comes as a shock when she finds love.


10. Truth and Dare

We all sit in a circle and we start to play. The first person asked,"Truth or dare first?" was Keaton. She said,


"What are you afraid of most?"

"Being alone without anyone."

"Then I dare you to refuse Seth Mizera."

"Okay." Keaton opened her Instagram, which I could see because I was sitting next to her. She opened her dms and dmed Seth, saying "No. I won't go out with you."

"Done" she said. I guess now she can ask out Ethan or whoever she wants.

The game continued with people making out, letting Angel's dad's tarantula crawl up people's arm, and Cameron having to post a video on Instagram of him saying,

"I'm a poopy head." (Angel must want to get into his good graces)

Then Cameron asked me, "Truth or dare first?"


"Okay I dare you to ask out the person you like. Now." So, this is why he hadn't made a move yet. Anyway, I opened up my Instagram and dmed Cameron, 'Will you go out with me?'

"Now for truth. Who is are you now dating?"

"So that's a yes?" I asked Cameron. He nodded. I turned to the rest of the group and said, "I'm dating Cameron Savers."


Thanks for reading my story but I'm unsure if I should continue the story or leave this as the ending. Comment what you think I should do. Bye!

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