A School Girl Crush

Mia Knight is just starting high school and is moving from a small town to a town with a high school bigger than her entire old town. She doesn't even expect to find her way around school, so it comes as a shock when she finds love.


9. The Party

Thursday and Friday fly by which is weird because when I'm excited for something it take a forever to get here.

Cameron doesn't avoid me during school, in fact he acts like nothing happened. Like he didn't post anything about me on Instagram.

After school on Friday I ride my moped home because Keaton has cheerleading.

When I got home I let out my dogs, Dizzy and Buddy, fed them, let them out again and then ate an apple. When 7 o'clock rolled around I drove over to Keaton's house and let myself in. I yelled, "I'm here!"

"I'm in my room!" She yelled back. I ran up to her room and she said, "Let's get ready to Par-Tay!

At 8 we pulled up to a huge house that was owned by Angel, who was by far the richest girl in school. Her parents were on a cruise to the Caribbean and she had no siblings.

"Hey guys!" She said as she opened the door. "Everyone's in the basement. We're just about to play truth and dare." Truth and dare is like truth or dare, but you ask someone both rather than just one. "Mia? Can you come here for a second?" Angel asked.

"Sure. Go ahead, Keaton. I'll catch up with you in a minute." Keaton walked around the corner and went down to the basement. Once she was out of earshot, Angel said,

"Listen to me. I saw what Cameron posted about you but don't you dare try anything on him because he is mine. We may be broken up but we are getting back together." Whoa. Where did this come from. No matter how popular or rich she was, I don't take crap from anyone.

"Oh really? He didn't seem to interested in you on New Years Eve. Besides, I'm pretty sure you're the only one that 'knows' you two are getting back together." I turned on my heel and turned the corner to find Keaton standing there listening.

"That was awesome. I had no idea she was that mean or that you had that in you. Let's go to the basement. Don't let her get to you."

"Don't worry. People like her don't bother me."

As we sat down to play truth and dare I noticed a lot of people were here. I mean the entire sophomore class and people from other grades, too.

I noticed someone else who was here, Cameron. No surprise. I imagined that Angel was planning to make her move tonight.

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