A School Girl Crush

Mia Knight is just starting high school and is moving from a small town to a town with a high school bigger than her entire old town. She doesn't even expect to find her way around school, so it comes as a shock when she finds love.


3. Partners

 Keaton's partner was a tall blonde haired kid named Ethan. I wondered if her boyfriend, Caden, would be jealous. 

When Keaton said that our partner were our partners for everything, she wasn't kidding. Mr. Mackay even partnered us up in Social Studies. By November, whenever Cameron and I hung out, people asked us if we were dating. It was getting a little tiring, having to tell people that we were just friends. After a while I was starting to wish I could say that I was dating Cameron. By then I had made a lot of friends, but Keaton had remained my closest friend. I was still close with the people from my old school but I had made a ton if friends and surprised even myself.

Since I had been seeing a lot of Cameron he and I knew each other pretty well and I was beginning to realize I was falling for him.

At the end of the year, I had to go to a New Year's Eve party with my parents and my sister. One of their friends party that they were throwing at the country club for all country club members. I was positive I was going to be bored out of my mind. We were in charge of bringing my mom's special made salmon. Everyone loves her salmon. She was on the Food Network TV show Chopped and that was her winning dish. Now she owns her own restaurant and is also the head chef. My dad is a lawyer in his own firm. I want to be a lawyer because it matches who I am, if that makes any sense.

"Mia, can you bring the salmon out to the car please? Put it in the cooler in the trunk," ordered my mom.

"Okay, just let me grab my phone."

"Oh you won't be that bored. Lighten up." My mom always thinks that when I bring my phone, I play games on it. No way! I'm going to text my friends about how bored I am! Or that's at least what I thought I was going to do. Until I saw Cameron and confetti launchers.

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