A School Girl Crush

Mia Knight is just starting high school and is moving from a small town to a town with a high school bigger than her entire old town. She doesn't even expect to find her way around school, so it comes as a shock when she finds love.


2. Mr. Mackay

Cameron wasn't a kid you would immediately notice in a crowd of people. He has dark brown, curly hair, warm chocolate eyes, and a face full of freckles. He had them on his arms, too. I didn't notice him actually, until first period of my fourth day of school. It was a Thursday and in science, we were each working on a project about a planet that had just been discovered or something like that. It was our second day working on it, but I had finished it at the beginning of the period. I didn't tell Mrs. something-or-other, because I didn't really feel like doing extra work or helping other people. As I pretended to work on the project, I looked around the room. There were a few people I knew in this class, like Crystal, who had been my next door neighbor since as long as I could remember. That is before we moved. Then I noticed Cameron. He had also finished his project and was doing the same thing I was. Our desks were set up in groups of four. He was sitting in the group in front of me across, so I could easily see his face. Ours eyes met briefly, then we both kept observing the rest of the class. The rest of the day I tried to push Cameron out of my head completely but he just was always at the back of mind. 

During advisory, Mr. Mackay decided to do an icebreaker activity that he says he does every year. He called it Mixing Minglers. Honestly, it sounded pretty stupid. And I think everyone else agreed. 

"Here's how it works," began Mr. Mackay, "you walk around in two circles. Boys in one circle, girls in the other. The two circles will walk in opposite directions After about 30 seconds I will say stop and the person across from you will be you partner for the rest of the year."

"My sister was in this advisory a few years ago and she said that partner means the person you do basically everyone with in this classroom. Her boyfriend was her partner, so... I hope I get someone good," said Keaton.  

"Wow. This Mr. Mackay must know he's being a match maker right?" I asked.

"Well...... He is a teacher, so who knows."

We did the exercise, and what do you know, my partner is non other than....Cameron.

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