A School Girl Crush

Mia Knight is just starting high school and is moving from a small town to a town with a high school bigger than her entire old town. She doesn't even expect to find her way around school, so it comes as a shock when she finds love.


6. Happy New Year!

"Hey," Cameron says, catching my attention, "Lets take a picture so I can post on Instagram about the confetti thing."

"Ok," I say. We pose for a selfie, then we continue waiting.

There are 2 rooms with TVs showing the countdown. Everyone is in the bigger room and no one is in the smaller one. The confetti launchers will go off as the ball drops at midnight in the bigger room that everyone is in.

I notice as we wait for midnight that my mom's salmon is completely gone. I chuckle to myself thinking, she definitely earned her win on chopped.

It's one minute before midnight and we begin the countdown. Right at one confetti goes off, and Cameron pulls me into the other room. And when I hear everyone say zero, he kisses me.


Sorry about the short chapter but I think how it ended made it okay. ;P

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