Diario of a wolf

Yeller, cuz I might curse. Life of a girl and her laziness , that sentence was lazy. I'd put that in quotationmarks but I don't feel like it. Status; Lazy like Liv. Oh and don't forget the voiceshy


1. Thursday


I type as I eat breakfast. Mmm, waffles. I guess I'm finally doing what I've told people is stupid and pointless and a waste of time. Writing in a diary. Sorry diary writers, but it's the truth. I mean why write all your thoughts, feelings, and actions down on paper!? So some nosy person can read it and know your secrets? no way...It just doesn't make sense. I guess- I hear sizzling. I get up and as I walk to the pan I plead "Don't be burnt, Don't be burnt" I see a pink runny shape eeww, then I realize I never got a spatuala 'Shitaki Mushrooms!' I quickly grab one from the drying rack and flip the burger. Once flipped I decide that it might actually be a Salmon burger as the box led me to believe. Caloo! Calay! (Jabberwock poem reference) I walk back to the table and type up everything, then I decide I better do this when there isn't a possibilty my parents will walk in and ppunish me for using the computer when I need to get ready for the bus stop, plus I check the clock as I type and see its 7:16 my burger's other side is done.

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