Diario of a wolf

Yeller, cuz I might curse. Life of a girl and her laziness , that sentence was lazy. I'd put that in quotationmarks but I don't feel like it. Status; Lazy like Liv. Oh and don't forget the voiceshy


2. After school

Still Thursday

I was going to get one thousand dollars...but life destroyed my dream. I left my math packet at home.


Shut up I'm writing.

You don't even want to do this.

But I have to.

Not really, is someone holding a weapon to your head saying, "Write something on your diary story thing!"? Metaphorically, yes.


You think about that and interrupt when you have an answer. Sorry bout that my mean voice is soo rude. Huh, just realized how that sounds. Actually,

-Here goes the explanation-

OH MY GANDALF!! LET ME TYPE! Anyways my voices aren't real voices. They're like when you make a choice and you think 'Nice going, stupid' or those different emotions in your head. Red is my rude voice, Blue is dumb and sarcastic, Green is smart, and there are others but these three are the main ones. I have conversations with them not due to a tramatic incident or mental illness, but because I like to see all sides of a thing and all the options before I make choices. If you think I'm crazy I don't care.

Unless your a person who puts people in asylums

Yeah in that case all these 'voices' are totally a fictional twist I put on this diary to make it more interesting.

So translating the colors, RED, BLUE, GREEN.

Uh, yeah what green said.

Wait! You were trying to distract me so I'd leave you alone to type!

That was the plan, but how did you not know, aren't in the same place my plans are formulated?

Yes and no


Shut up, you stupid little Twat

Isn't twat, Blue's word?

Nooo! I'm turning into a Blue voice again!!

Okay, I've gotta go and solve this crisis.


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