Luke Hemmings. What more is there to say about a childhood best friend who forgot you?


23. Chapter Twenty-Three

The next day (Friday?)

Mia's POV

I forced my eyes open the next morning, only to be hit with a flood of sunlight. I shielded my face to prevent myself from being blinded. I slowly got up and placed my hands out in front of me to guide myself to my closet.

"Another day in the life!" I said out loud as my eyes finally readjusted to the sun pouring into my room.

I opened the doors of my wardrobe and carefully started rummaging through the many outfits I had. I had to choose carefully because I hadn't really been at school recently, and I knew I had to come back in style. 

After what seemed like forever staring at clothes, I finally settled on a sleeveless, baby pink peplum top, paired with white capris that were rolled at the bottom. I also decided to throw in a chunky necklace to add some interest to the outfit. I carefully laid the items down on my bed.

After I finished my preparing my look, I grabbed my towel and headed into the bathroom. I quickly washed my hair and body, making sure that the steamy water hit every inch of me.  It was only then when I realized that I hadn't relaxed in a while. I had been so caught up in my own life that I didn't notice how busy I actually was. I let out a sigh upon discovering this, just to give myself a moment of peace.

As soon as I was done cleaning myself, I carefully exited the shower and wrapped myself in my bright blue, fluffy towel. I then dried off my body and tied the towel up in my hair like a hat to absorb any dripping water. I made my way back out to my bedroom and threw the outfit I had created earlier on. Then, I headed back into the bathroom to fix up my hair. I decided just to blow dry it and put a small waterfall braid on the side of my head. I clipped my hair back and admired myself in the mirror. My hair looked really cool with the braid, since my hair was light on top and dark underneath, so the dark strands looked like they were falling on light strands.

I then headed downstairs to grab some breakfast. I opened up the cupboard  and pulled out a granola bar-the only item I had enough time to eat. I sighed and opened it. I bit down and immediately my mouth was filled with a crunchy mixture of honey and raisins.

Next, I bolted back upstairs to brush my teeth. I entered my bathroom once again and pried open my vanity cupboard, revealing a small tub of mint toothpaste and a pink toothbrush. I grabbed both and quickly used them both. Once I finished, I rinsed my mouth with water, grabbed my phone, and ran out the door, right after saying goodbye to both of my parents. 

I quickly unlocked the door of my car and chucked my backpack onto the seat beside the driver. I then put my key into the ignition, and I quickly checked the time. I wasn't running late, which honestly, was a first. I smiled as I pulled out of the driveway. I didn't have to pick up Alexis, since she had a doctor's appointment. I happily headed off to school.

I had only been driving for a minute when I saw the blonde tuft of hair sicking up from under a hoodie, walking down the sidewalk.

"Crap." I muttered under my breath. I had forgotten about Luke. I quickly pulled over to the side of the road, where he was walking, and offered for him to hop in. He did as I told and opened up the door that was shotgun. I then grabbed my bag off of the passengers seat and threw it into the back. 

"Hey Luke." I smiled. He just looked away.

"Uh, hey. What's up?" He asked, still not making eye contact. It was as if he was uncomfortable to be around me. I decided just to ignore it and continue the conversation.

"Have you heard any more news about your song being on the radio?" I asked, searching for something to talk about.

"No." He plainly replied, looking out the window. 

The car ride continued like this the whole way there...it was extremely awkward. Usually we had so much to talk about, but now there was almost nothing. 

When we finally arrived at the school, Luke abruptly stood up, said a quick goodbye and thank you, and veered right to the entrance of the building. 

"Huh, that's so weird..." I whispered while getting out of my car after Luke was long gone. I had been examining the strange behavior all of the way to the school, and I still couldn't figure out what was wrong.

Then. all of a sudden, it came crashing down on me. Luke was hung up on the fact that I had 'taken a break' from our short relationship. Just like I had assumed and prayed wouldn't happen, Luke Robert Hemmings had become attached, and I couldn't believe it. I knew I had to do something.

However, no matter what that something was, we couldn't get back together. There was not a chance I was going to take him back, or not yet at least. I had every intention of dating him again, but just after we got to know each other a bit better. I wasn't crazy for having a belief that we should get to know each other as teenager-selves first, right? I decided that my decision had been the right one, and I proceeded to extract all additional thoughts of Luke from my head. 

I was confident that both of us would be fine...as long as Luke learned to accept my choice..


 I am just going to say this right now-

This chapter is really crappy...don't lie and pretend it isn't...

I feel like a jerk for only updating every week, but don't worry...my normal schedule will resume soon! I hope that this book still interests you guys, since there is a lot more coming, but yeah...... I once again want to thank you for the crazy support, and I love you all!

Btw, if you have any ideas for the book, feel free to comment and I may use them to add on, even though I have a pretty general idea of what is going to happen...;)

Also, I might just delete my A.I. fancfic When Will You Realize? cuz I don't have a lot of time to update it and yea....

Anyways, ILYSM!!


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