Luke Hemmings. What more is there to say about a childhood best friend who forgot you?


25. Chapter Twenty-Five

Mia's POV

The rest of the day was pretty crappy, to say the least. I mean sure, there was some small drama and a few rumors  floating around, but that was hardly at all what I was focused on. The whole day long I was examining how weird it was to not have my friends talking with Luke and his friends, since they were pretty involved. Not gonna lie, it stung.

I was ignored by the boys quite a few times. Calum, my "locker buddy" wouldn't talk to me at all, and all day he had a look plastered to his face that said he was scared if he did say something to me, he would get in major trouble with someone. Luke, I'm assuming. It was similar to the fear I had seen within him when I bumped into him in the hallway.

Mikey was pretty bad as well. He wasn't as harsh, seeing as he made small talk with me during P.E., the class where he was my only friend, though he acted as if he was trying to avoid me as well, similar to Calum. He would only talk to me if I approached him first, and then after a few short phrases, he would find some lame excuse to leave.

However, despite the other guys basically treating me like trash, the most painful class was science, of course, since Luke sits next to me. He refused to even look at me. I had a couple of attempts of asking him questions about the material to see if he would break and help me out, but he didn't crack. He just stared straight ahead the entire class without flinching. It was actually kinda creepy to be quite honest. 

I was so relieved when the bell rang signaling the day was over. Usually I hated school, but now I really had a burning passion to, well, burn it down.

I raced to my locker, knowing Calum would be nearby, which would cause an awkward situation, and I really didn't want him to get in trouble with Luke because of me. I did my combination on the lock and I quickly pulled my stuff from my it, remembering the pathetic break-up card I had shoved in earlier out of annoyance. It tumbled to the floor and I looked at it with disgust. The card basically symbolized my terrible day.

I picked it up, and in no time, it was ripped to a thousand tiny pieces. I then threw it in the trash. Piece of shit. 

I slammed my locker, loudly at that, out of frustration. I proceeded to saunter down the hall, people looking at me from left and right, but I honestly did not care. I was looking to find my best friend and then I was out.

As I made my way to Alexis, I felt someone bump into my shoulder, causing me to lose my balance and fall over. 

"Hey, watch out dickhead!" I yelled to the person. I really was in a bad mood. The person rushed over to me to help me up, but then they paused and backed up once the words escaped my mouth. I glanced up to see the person was none other than Lucas Robert Hemmings. Funny how that works. He started to walk away from me, obviously not caring that I looked like a moron spread across the floor. I really didn't want him to have any more of a reason to hate me.

I attempted to save my chance of being at least his friend again by apologizing. "Luke I'm so sorry for saying tha-" I was cut off by him.

"Save it, BITCH." He hissed, emphasizing the bitch part. I was done after that.

"That's it, Hemmings!" I screamed, forgetting I was in a hallway full of teenagers who were more than likely recording the whole thing. "You have pushed me too fucking far this time, and I am fucking sick of you and all your twisted mind games. I thought we could just be friends, start over, maybe get to know each other a slight bit better, and THEN we could chose to date, but I guess that shit was slightly to hard for your fucking pea brain to comprehend. Now we can't even be in a room together! Do you see this right now? What's happened to us Luke? " I asked, becoming sader and sader as the realization hit me. "What's happened?" I whispered, looking into his deep blue, beautiful eyes. I could see regret spreading on his face.

"Mia, wait!" He shouted as I turned to run out of the school. He tried to get me to stop but I was too far gone. I couldn't deal with anyone anymore. I was fed up with all of this crap. I wanted life to go back to the way it was B.L., before Luke.

I ran into the school parking lot, wandering the whole are until I spotted my car. I approached it proceeded to pull on my door, only to remember I had locked it. I struggled to get my keys out of my pocket, but once I did, I did not hesitate to rip the door open, jam the keys into the ignition, and speed off. I almost hit a kid in my attempt, but I didn't give a damn at this point. 

I sped down the road until I got to my house, screeching to a quick halt. I ran into my house, which was already unlocked since my mom was home, and I rushed up to my bedroom, crying.

I flopped down onto my bed, almost forgetting about my bruised arm.

"Ow!" I yelled out in agony through tears as my body came colliding down onto my delicate body part. I continued to cry for what seemed like hours until I heard a 'ding' sound coming from my pocket. I quickly pulled my phone out of it, revealing I had a new text from Alexis. I read it out loud before responding

A: Hey, you coming over soon? It's getting late :P

M: Yea, hold on I was taking a nap 

Lie, I was actually crying my eyes out for thirty hours, but we can pretend.

A: Oh ok. Well, just to let you know, Luke can't come. He said he had something else going on

He probably found out that I was going.

M: Praise the lord

A: What??

M: I honestly can't believe you haven't heard or noticed yet. :l

A: WHAT???

M: Luke and I broke up.


M: Don't be he's a dick. Explain later.

A: Ok..?? Cya soon!

I powered off my phone and trudged to Alexis'. I wasn't in the mood to help her prepare for a date, especially with a guys who was friends with a dude I hated, but I had to just suck it up for my best friend.

As I walked outside, I heard the distant strumming of a guitar and some soft singing. I scoffed. Something else going on MY ASS.

I walked into Alexis' house and darted up the stairs to her room, only to find her in a beautiful light grey dress with small flowers all over it. It was a skater dress, and it fit to her body perfectly. I was in awe. 

She had also put her long, thick hair into loose, wavy curls and she had finished the look with elegant earrings and a small necklace.

"How do I look?" She asked after a few minutes of my gawking. She was starting to bite her nails, so I could tell she was nervous.

"Absolutely stunning!" I half shouted with a huge grin plastered on my face. I could hardly believe how gorgeous she looked.

"Really?" She questioned, still slightly unsure. 

"Of course. Why would I lie? This is important to you!"

She smiled and pulled me in for a long hug. I loved having her as a friend. After a couple minutes of the warm embrace, she pulled away and sat m down on her bed.

"Okay, now. About the whole Luke thing spill."

I sighed and began to tell the whole story. Once I was done, she was speechless. She literally could not think of a word to say. Luckily, we were saved by the doorbell ringing.

"Ashton!" I yelled, moving my eyebrows up and down while placing a a creepy smirk on my face. I then jumped off the bed and ran downstairs. 

I saw Ash waiting at the door with a big smile on his face through the small glass windows on either side of the entrance. I quickly pried the door open, revealing that he was wearing a faded blue button up shirt with some black skinny jeans and black vans. His hair, which usually was held up in a bandanna, was instead combed to the side, which looked very good on him. I smiled, inviting him in as Alexis came down the stairs.

"Now Ashy-Poo," I warned, "If you do anything to hurt my best friend, I will not hesitate to get my revenge. Understand?" I joked.

"For sure." He laughed, "Even though I would never do anything to hurt her." He said winking.

Just then, Alexis approached, looking as stunning as ever, and Ashton was in a daze. He stumbled on his words as he tried to explain where they were going. I just quietly laughed as I watched Ash make a fool of himself.

"Wow, um, you, uhh, look amazing!" He forced out, blushing slightly after.

"You're not to bad yourself!" Alexis replied, giving him as kiss on the cheek that made him turn even redder.

"Okay, well you lovebirds go have fun!" I chimed in, trying to save Ashton. 

"Hehe, will do!" He giggled. They began to head out the door when a thought popped into my head.

"Ash! Come here for a second!" I yelled.

"What do you want?" He asked, coming back into the house.

"Uh, well..." I shifted.

"Go on. Spit it out already!" He giggled. 

"Well, it's just that, you're not gonna turn on me, are you?" I asked.

"What do you mean?"

"It's just that now that Luke and I have broken up, he hates me, and Cal, who I thought was my friend, informed me that Luke wouldn't even let him talk to me, and that he was going to obey Luke since they were best friends."

Tears pricked in the corner of my eyes.

"No, no of course not!" He responded with concern in his voice. "Don't worry."

"Will you also make sure that if you continue you will try your best to keep me and Luke as far apart as possible? I mean after all, he is your mate, so there is a chance that we could get thrown into situations together, and I'm not sure if I'm okay with that."

"Definitely." He replied, "Even though by the way tonight is going so far, I'm going to be so nervous that I screw things up with Alexis, she'll never call again, I will never end up finding love, and then I will die alone with 23 cats." He nervously joked.

I chuckled, "You'll be fine! She's crazy about you. You should hear her."



He then smiled, gave me a brief, friendly hug, and he exited out the door, leaving me to my thoughts.

Little did I know that that one date would be the start of something so big.


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