Luke Hemmings. What more is there to say about a childhood best friend who forgot you?


3. Chapter Three

Mia's POV

Alexis was acting really weird about the whole Luke thing after that. Anytime I mentioned even the slightest thing, she would look up at me with worry in her eyes which would fade once she realized I wasn't talking about him. I knew something was up, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it.

I just decided to ignore it as we pushed through the big door of the mall entrance.

Right as I stepped in, I was greeted by the rest of our friends. There was Layla, Harper, Tiffany, Aubrey, Savannah, and Margret. They all looked super excited, three of which had already picked up some drinks from Starbucks.

Aubrey came up to me for a hug. She had dirty-blonde hair that was pretty thick and wavy. It rested right at her shoulders. She was so sweet and it was hard for anyone NOT to be friends with her. I gladly hugged her back. 

Next came Layla and Tiffany. Tiffany had blonde hair similar to the color of mine, but it was cut shorter. She also was pretty small herself. She was only about 4'11''. Despite her size, her heart was enormous. I knew that whenever anything made me upset, I could rely on her to make me feel better. 

Layla on the other hand was much taller. She kind of resembled Alexis, except that her hair was much straighter and it was cut right above her shoulders. She was the fashionista of the group, and everyone knew it. She was wearing a cute flowery romper with a matching floral crown. On her feet, she wore some leather sandals to tie it all together. I was always amazed at how put together she looked.

Next, Savannah approached me with a sassy smile. She was a pretty bold member of the group, and when she wanted something done, she did it. She didn't have time to wait around for others. Her brown hair laid in long waves down her back and I smiled back at her.

Harper slowly stood up. She had really pretty hair that was also cut short, but it framed her face well. It was a deep brown that was about a shade off from being black. It went well with her skin tone. We always teased her about being a nerd, since she was pretty much the smartest of all of us. Just as she was making her way over, a voice rang out.

"Mia!" Margret screamed. She was the most outgoing one in our group. I laughed at how crazy she was being, not to mention that she had just finished a latte. 

"Margret!" I yelled back, as she grinned at me. 

"Guess what?! You'll never believe it, but Mason asked me out...on a date!" She squealed.

"Really?" I replied. "That's great!"

Mason was a guy that she had been crushing on since eighth grade, and I was really happy for her. She was over the moon right now and I could tell. 

She is actually really pretty, even though she always says she isn't. She has light-brown hair that stops halfway down her back and it is stick straight.

I hugged her as a congratulations as we made our way to the first store.

I was excited. I knew that this trip was going to take my mind off of all of the Luke drama.

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