Luke Hemmings. What more is there to say about a childhood best friend who forgot you?


16. Chapter Sixteen

The next morning

Mia's POV

I awoke to the sound of birds singing outside of my window. On any other day, that alone would have made me extremely cheery, but not today. The events of last night came flooding back into my head. I had specifically told Alexis not to tell a soul. Yet for some reason, she still said something. And of all people she could have told, it had to be Savannah.

I had felt so betrayed. 

Some best friend....

I pulled myself out of bed and I decided to do something I had never done before. I grabbed a Nirvana crop top and high waisted shorts. I quickly ran into my bathroom to shower and brush my teeth. Then I threw the outfit on. I didn't care about my secret love of bands anymore. My even bigger secret had been let out, so why did this one matter?

I brushed out my long hair, dried it, and then pulled it back so it was half-up-half-down. I hopped downstairs, grabbed a pop-tart and ran out the door. I was really early, but it was okay, because I had to talk to Luke. He was the only person who would understand.

I scrambled across the street up to his house and I pounded on the door. I waited for a few moments until a groggy Luke came to the door. He rubbed his eyes before looking up at me.

"Mia?!" He half shouted, suddenly snapping out of his sleepy haze. "Is everything okay?"

He sounded really concerned about me, and it made me feel happy, despite the sad reason I was over at his house in the first place. I couldn't hold my tears in any longer.

"No, Luke. Everything is not okay." I peeped out before collapsing into a crying fit. I couldn't believe Alexis would do such a thing, after all we had been through together! I had never told a single one of her secrets!

"Shh,shh. It's okay." Luke cooed while picking me up and then pulling me into a strong hug. He kept stroking my hair to calm me down. We stood there in the doorway for about five minutes before we finally let go of each otherthough I would have been fine with staying like that for all of eternity.

"Do you want to come in and talk about it?" He asked softly, not breaking eye contact.

"Y-y-yes." I sniffled. He then lightly grabbed my hand and guided me into his house and to his couch. I noticed his parents must have gone to work already, so we were the only ones in the house.

"So, if you don't mind me asking, what happened?" He questioned. He scrunched his eyebrows as if he was trying to crack some code that was impossible.

"Well, it has to do with...Alexis." I cried out as I started sobbing again. I leaned onto his chest and soon enough, there was a big wet splotch on his chest from my tears.

"What did she do to you?!" He demanded. He seemed really mad for some reason, though I didn't know why.

"S-s-she told-d everyone ab-about us-s." I whimpered. "I t-t-old her not t-t-t-to tell any-anyone b-but she did! And out of ev-ev-everyone, she ch-ch-chose to tell Savannah!"

"It's okay, it's not your fault at all." Luke replied in a voice that was extremely soothing. "I don't care that anyone knows about us. To be quite honest, I want to tell the world that you're mine." He smiled and I watched as his adorable dimples popped out of his cheeks. I felt my face become flushed.

I took a deep breath before I said anything else. "Yes, b-but wh-wh-what about Savannah?" I questioned. "She t-texted me l-l-l-last night and s-she was mad. S-she is prob-probably out t-to get me."

Luke chuckled slightly. "And what makes you say that? I thought you said you were friends with her."

I looked Luke directly in the eyes after taking some time to recollect myself.  "She said I stole you from her. And she never fails to get revenge, no matter who it is on."

"So I won't fail to protect you." He responded, making my heart skip about a thousand beats.

"Wow. Your the best boyfriend ever." I told him and I watched as his face showed a proud smile. 

I place my head in the crook of his neck and we sat there for awhile. just enjoying each other's company.Then I got a brilliant idea that I knew would make me feel better.

I sat up. "Lukey, can you sing to me?"

He turned to face me. "You really want me to sing to you?" He looked shocked, yet pleased at my words.

"Yes. You have one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard."

"Wow." He beamed. "What would you like me to sing?" 

"Anything." I plainly stated and he started singing 'You Found Me' by The Fray.

I fell asleep in his arms, and we both ended up skipping school that day.

Later that day

Alexis' POV

Mia didn't end up going to school, and I didn't know why. The even stranger thing was that she didn't text or call or anything to tell me she was sick. I was starting to get worried about her.

At lunch I sent her a text message asking where she was, and she still hadn't responded. I decided to call her, and I was really scared.

After I dialed her number, it went straight to voice mail. Now I was terrified. For all I knew, she could have been kidnapped by some lunatic. I started to run to her house to check to see if she was there. I decided I would call all of my other friends to see if they knew where she was. None of them seemed to know, even though Savannah seemed to be kind of mad for no reason. When I had called her, she had just sneered and said whatever had happened, Mia probably deserved it. I finally dialed up Luke before I reached our street.

"Hello?" He answered. "What do you want....bitch?"

"What the hell are you talking about?" I half-yelled into the phone.

"Oh, don't play dumb. You know what you did to Mia. She's crushed." He snarled through the phone.


"Save it!" He shouted before hanging up.

I stood there on the sidewalk, frozen. I felt like I was about to burst into tears.

I had no idea what had happened. I was so confused.

Then I started to piece the story together.... And by the looks of it I had been framed. The problem is, I had no way to prove my innocence...

And I had no idea who else even knew about Luke and Mia.

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