Luke Hemmings. What more is there to say about a childhood best friend who forgot you?


1. Chapter One

Mia's POV

I looked out the window of my room. It was a bright morning and I could feel the sun's heat intensifying as I walked closer to my balcony doors. I was on the top floor and this kind of weather was pretty normal, so it didn't really phase me. I loved the heat and sunshine, and as a matter of fact, it was probably one of the best parts about Sydney. I smiled as I walked outside and let the warm rays swallow me. 


I'm Mia. I live the normal life of any 16 year old. I put my pants on one leg at a time. I have lived in Australia my whole life. Basically, that's all you need to know, other than I love my friends and my family. I know, I'm so interesting!

I got dressed for the weather that day- A cropped white top with a tribal print heart on it, black frayed shorts, and a gold bracelet, and then I went to the bathroom to fix my hair. I have golden-blonde hair that is pretty thin. Even though everyone else in the world seems to love it because it is so straight and what they consider "pretty," I hate it, since I can barely do anything with it. It never holds curls or waves or anything of that sort, so instead of wasting my energy today, I just decided to put it up in a messy bun.

Right after I was done, I texted my best friend Alexis, who also happened to be my next door neighbor. Ever since we were little, we have been inseparable. Some people who don't know us well enough have even confused us for being sisters, even though I don't know how. We look nothing alike. Alexis has thick, long, dark brown hair with a darker complexion than me. She also has an hourglass figure and she is literally the dictionary definition of beautiful. Pretty much all of the guys in our school have hit on her at one point or another, but she just rejects them, because basically, they're all jerks.

I asked her to come over as soon as possible, because I really wanted to go back to school shopping, especially since school starts in just one week! Obviously, I had picked up some things here and there, so I'm not completely deprived of new clothes, but I need her to go with me since she has a way of picking out clothes that I love. Plus, she is just fun to hang out with in general. As I waited for her to respond, I went downstairs and made some toast with Vegemite. I ate it really fast and went back up to the bathroom to quickly brush my teeth. Just as I finished, I heard the doorbell ring. 

"ALEXIS!" I screamed, jumping onto her. I acted as though I hadn't seen her in months, even though it's only been a day.

"Woah, Mia, calm yourself!" She laughed as I let go of her.

"Sorry," I replied, "I just missed you, hun," I told her jokingly.

"I missed you too, even though we literally hung out last night!"

After that, we just sat there laughing until I said, "Let's go to the mall now, shall we," in a proper voice, which made Alexis laugh a bit harder until she responded, "We shall."  

With that, we went outside and hopped into my Toyota Corolla. As I started up my car, Alexis turned on the radio, and we rocked out to "Clouds" by One Direction.

Something I should mention is that at our school, we are known as the "popular girls." However, we don't use our  popularity to spread nasty rumours behind other people's backs. We are more of the nice type, even though I can't deny that it has happened before.....

Everyone likes us for who we are. They all seem to think we are cool, pretty, and normal. If they only knew...

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