Luke Hemmings. What more is there to say about a childhood best friend who forgot you?


15. Chapter Fifteen

Mia's POV

As soon as Alexis and I had finished watching "Mean Girls," a.k.a our all-time favorite movie, Alexis made me fill her in on all the nitty-gritty details. Even though Alexis was my best friend, I really didn't want to tell her everything. I thought it would be a little bit awkward re-living the moment to her, just so she could get the full image, but she forced it out of me somehow. I do have to admit, it did feel nice to be able to share it with someone else.

After I was done, I just sat back and watched as her mouth quickly spread into a huge smile, and she sprang onto me, gripping me in a hug.

"OMG Mia, this is like a fairy tale.....I'm telling you, you guys are going to get married one day!" She screamed. I blushed at her comment about us getting married. I decided to respond.

"Woah...hold your horses there! Don't you think your getting ahead of yourself?" I laughed while gripping her shoulders so I could look at her in the eyes. She stared right back at me.

"Mia, I know your going to think I'm crazy, but I swear, this is fate." My heart skipped a beat when she said that, since her face was dead serious. She actually had faith that we were meant to be together.

"Wow, Lex, that really means a lot." I said  slowly while giving her a genuine smile. Then, my expression changed into a straight face. "By the way, you need to promise me something." I told her.

"What is it?" She asked, sounding nervous yet exited combined into one.

"You seriously can't tell anyone. And I mean anyone." I looked deep into her chocolate brown eyes.

She held her hand up. "Cross my heart." She responded while tracing an 'X' across her chest. She looked at me as if she was asking for my trust and I nodded.

"Good. Now that that's settled, I need to ask you something else." 

My eyebrows scrunched up, trying to figure out what she wanted to talk to me about. "Sure. Spill." 

"Okay, well, it's about my date on Thursday with Ashton...." She started. My eyes widened. I had completely forgotten about that. Then, my lips slowly spread into a smirk.

"Go on." I insisted. I still had a sly grin plastered to my face.

"Well, I-I-I." She stammered, "I'm really nervous!" She squeezed out finally. "I really like him, and I don't want to screw things up. I don't understand why I feel this way though, since I have been on so many dates before. I guess that it's probably because....well....Ashton is...yah know....special..." She smiled and blushed.

"Awe, Alexis, you'll be fine! You're so cute talking about him, I may add. You really like him, don't you?"

She turned an even deeper shade of pink. "Is it really that obvious?"
I giggled. "Nope. I'm just your best friend, so I can pick up on things like this." She smiled.

"Phew, I was a little worried for a second. But you honestly don't think I'll do something clumsy and screw things up?"

"ALEXIS! NO!" I shouted as if I was louder, the message would sink in faster. "I can tell that Ash really likes you back. He will probably be even more anxious than you!" I laughed.

"Well, I doubt the part about him being more nervous than me, but the other part does make me feel more at ease." She sighed as if a burden had been lifted off of her shoulders.

"Alexis, you'll be fine!" I reassured her.

"Thanks Mia." She whispered.

"Of course."

We then looked at the time. It was already 10:07 p.m.!

"Shit...." I mumbled under my breath.

I still had a ton of things to do. I hadn't done any of my chores yet, and if I didn't help out around the house, my mum and dad would take away my phone or laptop or something like that. On top of that, I also had promised Hannah that I would call her to ask how the rest of her first day went, and I told Aubrey that she could vent to me about this cute guy that she likes named Ricky, who has an on-and-off girlfriend.

Just a side-note about Aubrey's love life: It was honestly really annoying. It kind of made me think that Aubrey was living in Taylor Swift's song, 'You Belong With Me.'

Anyways, back to the point. It was getting really late and it was sad, but Alexis had to head out. Luckily, before I had to say anything, she stood up.

"Well, Mia, I have to get going. I'll see you tomorrow! By babe!"
I laughed and waved as she exited my room. As soon as I heard my front door open and close, signaling Alexis was gone, I started on my chores. 


Once I had finished everything, I darted up to my room to call Hannah. I decided it would be best to call her first, since I knew Aubrey was going to have a lot to say anyways. I dialed Hannah's number and the phone rang once before she picked up.

"MIA!" She shouted, practically making me jump.

"What is it!" I yelped back. I was worried something bad had happened to her. "Are you okay?"

"Yes, but we have a tiny problem on our hands. Um..I think that I...um..." She spoke slowly.

"Spit it out!" I giggled

"Well, okay. I think I have a crush on Calum!" My mouth dropped open, and I couldn't seem to force it shut again.

"You, WHAT?!" I asked. I couldn't believe it!

"Yes! I know, I just met the guy today but he seemed really sweet, and, um, I was wondering if you could maybe talk to him for me? He seems to have a friendly bond with you." The corners of my mouth slowly started to turn up into a toothy grin."

"Yeah! Defiantly Hannah!" I replied, probably sounding like a happy little kid.

"OMG you are the best!" She screamed. "But just to be clear, you don't like Calum because I don't want to interfere-" I cut her off.

"No! Not at all! He's all yours!" I beamed. I was so glad to be able to set my friend up with such a great guy.

"Okay, just checking. Well, goodnight I guess." She giggled. "Peace out, girl scout!"

"See ya tomorrow!" I yelled into the phone before hanging up. I was like the love expert. First I give good advice to Alexis, and then Hannah! Bow I have to call Aubrey and probably give her wisdom on the topic, too! I giggled at the thought.

As soon as I got off the phone with Aubrey, it was super late. Just as I had suspected, she had a TON to say. It really pissed me off what Ricky's girlfriend was doing to the poor guy. She was really manipulative. If I was in Aubrey's position I would have probably gone crazy a long time ago.

I set down my phone and turned out the lights in my room, right after trowing on an over-sized band t-shirt. I was just getting comfortable when my phone buzzed.

Will I ever get a break?

I flipped my phone over, since t had been upside down, and saw that I had a new text. I read it:
'Listen. I know what you did. How could you? You are supposed to be my friend! No worries though...I'll get you back somehow! Watch out, Mia.'

I nearly dropped the phone when I saw who it was from. At the top of the screen, I saw the contact name.


I panicked. She had not taken the news well. Who knew what she was going to do to me? Something really humiliating, I assumed. 

But how did she find out? 

There was only one person I told, and she would have never spilled my secret. She was my best friend. Or at least I thought she was my best friend. 

I collapsed onto my pillow and cried myself to sleep. 

I couldn't believe that my "best friend" had betrayed me.


I know, I know. I'm really mean for leaving you on a cliffhanger XD. I seriously want to thank you all for 7k views though! Seriously, that is amazing! Btw, for anyone who has been reading this book from the start, do you remember when I was freaking out about 600? No one? Ok...* Awkwardly backs up* Anyways, remember to like, favorite, and comment! I love all the support you guys have given me so far! How about we try to get this book to 30 likes? Don't worry, though. It's not 30 likes for an update, it's just in general to show support. :) Anyways, thank you if you read this long note cuz if I saw it, I would have just skipped the whole thing...lol. ILYSM!

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