The House of Blood and Gold

This story takes place in the world of Percy Jackson, but theses teenagers aren't normal children of the gods.
P.S. The chapter titles are meant to be like Rick Riordan's.


1. We Ride a Driver-less Bus

“Where do you think they’re taking us?”

“Who is ‘they’? No one is driving!”

Those were the first words I had said throughout the whole bus ride. The only other people I knew on this bus were Jake and Ryan. We had all received an email to meet at a specific location, tell no one about it, and, oddest of all, wear tons of your school spirit. I had done all those things and was surprised to also see Jake and Ryan. Our parents might’ve worried about us if they were alive or we knew who they were. Ryan and I never met our parents. No one remembers them. Ryan and I were always running away from foster homes, but somehow we always ended up in the same school. And Jake, well he just isn’t that open about his parents. All we know is that he never met one of his parents, and the other one died recently.

“Why do you think they choose us?” asked a surprisingly silent Jake.

    “What do you mean?” I questioned.

    “I mean there has to be some reason that we were chosen to come here. Maybe they chose because of our skills? Ryan you have baseball, soccer and football, and Mia, you have writing, swimming, and acting.”

    “I think you’re forgetting yourself,” added Ryan, “ You have hunting, track, and trap.”

    “But that doesn’t tell us anything about why they chose us! There isn’t any connection between what we’re each good at,” I stated.

    We were all silent after that, until we reached our destination. That gave me time to observe the other people on the bus. I noticed that there was only two to three people from each town. The bus was like an explosion of color, with team colors from towns all across the country. I also noticed that some seats seemed to be giving off a gold glow, while other seats became darker. When the bus came to a stop, we seemed to be in the middle of nowhere, outside of a huge mansion. The builders must been conflicted when building the mansion, because the mansion was literally split in half. One half seemed to be made entirely out of gold, while the other half seemed made out of darkness.

    “Hey, and welcome to the Houses!”

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