The House of Blood and Gold

This story takes place in the world of Percy Jackson, but theses teenagers aren't normal children of the gods.
P.S. The chapter titles are meant to be like Rick Riordan's.


2. We Discover an Awesome Basement

Two voices from behind us spoke, as we got off the slowly disappearing bus. We all turned around to see a guy and a girl, both around their early twenties, and both with an identical grey-white streak in their hair. The guy had hair as black as the night sky and eyes that were blue-green and seemed to be the ocean. The girl had soft blonde hair and grey eyes that seemed to be storm clouds brewing. I could immediately tell who they were, but I was too confused at why they were here, and not in New Rome to say anything.

    “Hi, and if you don’t know already, I’m Annabeth Chase and he is Percy Jackson,” said the girl with the storm eyes. Percy gave a small wave as she introduced him.

    “OK, we’re going to split you into groups. These two groups were chosen for a certain reason, so don’t try to trade. In the first group we have…”

After that I was only half listening to hear my name, Jake’s name, or Ryan’s name.

“....And Jake Oliver. You guys will be going with me. The rest of you will be going with Annabeth.”  After that we quickly sorted into our groups, with Ryan and I with Annabeth in one group and Jake in the other group with Percy. As we walked, Annabeth quickly filled us in about who we were, and for those who cared, why she and Percy were here. Long story short, we are descended from the gods. Why she didn’t call us demigods or half bloods confused me. She and Percy volunteered to come from New Rome, to wherever we were.

“And here is where you will be living.” We had descended onto the basement, the gold part of the house. “ We call this part of the house the House of Gold. Your areas are marked by team colors. I know some towns have the same colors, but that means you’ll be cabin mates. Why don’t you guys get settled in and we’ll tell you if we need you for anything.”

Ryan and I had this giant room with ten bunks, two bathrooms, and a screen separating the cabin, for privacy for boys and girls. Outside of all of the “cabins”, there was any area that could only be described as a common area. There was a bunch of game systems, a pool, a pool table, a foosball table, virtual reality games, a ping pong table, vending machines and a ton of other things that would take me all day to describe. The only downside was that the carpet wasn’t the best. It’s the kind that you would find in schools, and can only be described as grey and flat. Which was a downside that didn’t matter a bit to me.

In the cabins, there were armoires on each side of the room. Mine had enough clothes to last me for at least 2 months without doing any laundry.

“All members of the House of Blood please report outside of your cabins. (Static)”

The message came while I was checking out my cabin and I looked up to see a speaker high on the wall that I must’ve missed earlier. I guessed that the House of Blood was the other part of the house made out of darkness. 30 minutes later the same message came for the members of the House of Gold.

As we gathered outside of our cabins, Percy and Annabeth came casually down the stairs and stood in the middle of all the cabins. Percy made a ‘follow me’ gesture, and we followed him to a door at the very back of the Commons that was definitely not there before.

As we walked through the door, we were bathed in golden sunlight.    

“Welcome to the Mount Olympus children.”


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