The House of Blood and Gold

This story takes place in the world of Percy Jackson, but theses teenagers aren't normal children of the gods.
P.S. The chapter titles are meant to be like Rick Riordan's.


4. Ryan and I Apparently Like Grapes

Everyone around me had their mouths open in shock. It took a minute for me to remember how to speak. The first thought that entered my mind was, if I'm a child of Aphrodite and Aries that means my brothers are the gods of panic and fear.

Then Zeus spoke, " I can see that you are all shocked. But now I must tell you who your parents are. The children of Aphrodite and Ares are-"

"Now hold on a minute," a brunette says. I remember being on of the first people in the bus. I think her name is Caitlyn. I don't remember her last name but I think it started with a J. "Offspring of two gods should be immortal right? Are we immortal?"

"You are not immortal. We have no idea why or how but we know you are not immortal. As I was saying the children of Aphrodite and Ares are..." I just barely listened to what Zeus was saying. I was listening for my name. He went on for 5 minutes but no Mia Knight.

It occurred to me that maybe I had gotten the email by mistake or that I was in the wrong group. Then Zeus said,

"There are two children left whom I haven't named." I knew exactly who both I those 'children' were. "They are not children of two gods." So they must've accidentally put us in the wrong group. "They are children of all of them." Wait what?!

"They are like me in that they are both leaders," Zeus said.

"They are like me in that they are, what do you people call it, single Pringles? They are also matchmakers," said Hera.

Poseidon said, "They are like me because they are great swimmers and are good with sea creatures."

"They are like Hades because they both have a dark side," said Zeus. At that remark Ryan made an evil face and rubbed his hands together. I had to cough to cover up my laugh.

"Like me, they have green thumbs and mourn their losses loved ones greatly," said Demeter.

"And they are always prepared to fight!" said Ares

"They are wise beyond their years and create great plans," said Athena

"Like Apollo and I," said Artemis, "You are both great at archery and shooting anything, like basketballs or weapons."

"You forgot to mention that they are twins too."

"I didn't forget. You interrupted me before I could get to it Apollo."

"Yeah right"

"Moving on," said Hephastus "They are also great at fixing or building things and have amazing ideas like me."

"You are both very pretty, much like me, if I do say so myself, which I do. And you were both formed from oblivion," said Aphrodite.

"You are both very cunning and sneaky, just like a younger me," said Hermes.

"You both give warmth to all you meet and give up what you don't need," said Hestia quietly from where she sat at the hearth.

"Finally. It's my turn to speak." All eyes turned to Dionysus, the last God to speak. "You both like grapes and tigers and I hope that you will like my best creation, wine, when you are old enough of course."

"Now that we have everything settled, please return to your camps. It is almost time for dinner and you will be eating in the House of Blood tonight."

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