The bad boys (Niall horan fan fic)

Rose was a normal 17 year old girl, except she hates her body. She's skinny, but not a lot. She's pretty, but she's also ugly in her view. She never really felt beautiful unless she spiced it up, like putting make up on. but one thing about Rose is she hated the bad boy group. There mean, don't care about any one. They party almost every night, and they are so rude. but her mind is about to change completely when she meets Niall, he's in the bad boys group, and gets to know him.


1. Chapter 1

 Rose POV


 I was just spending a normal day I was at the library siting at one of the benches reading a book. I looked up and I saw the bad boys group walk in like they own this library. I sighed as one of them walked over to me probably to be one of there idiotic selves. It was Niall Horan, the one who played girls like guitars. "Hey babe," he said to me as he sat next to me. Most girls would swoon at the chance of getting some with Niall Horan but I wasn't most girls. I ignored him and focused on my book.


I felt my book being swooped away from me as I was still reading, "Hey I was reading that!" I yelled only to be shushed by the librarian. "Wouldn't you rather come back to my dorm, darling," he said. "Why yes I would love to," I said sarcastically giving him a glare and grabbed my book. I walked away with him looking confused, he's never been turned down.


I went back to my dorm, "Hey Rosie," I was greeted by my best friend her name is Emily. "Hey Em, I just got approached by Niall Horan,".


"The Niall Horan?? like the most popular guy at school, Well what did he say??" she said with way to much excitement,

"He asked me to go to his dorm, and I turned him down," I said as its no big deal. Because it wasn't.

"You better be careful, what Niall wants Niall gets,"

"Maybe in his dreams, no way I'm hooking up with a player,"

She mumbled "I would," I giggled and went to go to my room and read my book that Niall just so happily interrupted, note the sarcasm.




WOOO ok so new movella!! im so exited for this one, sorry for the short chapter, leave comments to help me improve!

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