"Hi, I'm Michael Clifford! I couldn't help but notice you were struggling with something so I thought I'd come over and help. May I ask your name?" I asked shyly. She spoke not a word but walked beside me a few paces.
"Amnesia..." She whispered.
"That's my name, my name is Amnesia..."


2. so hot!

Michael's P.O.V

Amnesia? Isn't that a disease or something? Who cares, she's beautiful and I love that she has a unique name like that. That's when I notice her hair and realise that I recognise her.

"Wait, are you Amy? Vanessa's best friend?" I ask. She nods and carries on walking, occasionally licking her ice cream.

"Yeah, my friends call me that because I hate my name. It's horrible!" She replies. How can she think that about something about herself?

"Well, I think it's cute. I used to have hair that looked a little like that, but you look way better with it.." I said, trying to lighten the mood.

"Thanks, that's really sweet.." She giggled. I smiled at her and nodded, the only thing I kept thinking was how beautiful she was. Her brown eyes so deep and sparkly, the way her soft pink lips slightly parted. Without realising, I was staring at her as we were walking, all the way until we got to Vanessa and Ash where Luke and Calum now were.

"What are you staring at?" Amnesia giggles again.

"You!" I say, not realising what I had said.

"What?!" Vanessa yelled. That's when I snapped back into reality. All eyes of the group were on me. Amnesia was as red as a tomato due to her blushing.

"Umm..." She muttered, taking out her phone. "My sister just texted, she wants me home to help with the lunch..." She said, standing up and starting to walk.

"Amy, give me that!" Vanessa shouted. Amy sighed and handed her phone down to her. "There, you can stay out 'till 10pm, you're staying with us!" She laughed. Ashton and Luke were still staring at me, but Calum was watching Amnesia and Nessa's conversation.

"You guys need drinks? I'm gonna go get them now..." I ask, standing up.

"Yeah, get us out usuals!" Ashton said. I looked at Amnesia and she shrugged.

"I don't really mind, surprise me..." She mumbled. I nodded and walked off to the stand, her beauty not leaving my mind.

Nessa's P.O.V

Michael walks off and Amy is just sitting there, speechless. I give her a wink and she giggles, sticking her tongue out at me. Yep, she likes him alright, but I know she won't admit it for a while yet.

"Hey, it's so hot! I'm gonna go for a swim in a bit, you coming Ams?" I ask. She simply nods and stands up with me, we both take off our dresses to reveal our bikinis. I'm wearing a little black bikini with a bow in the middle of the top, Amy wearing a white bikinis with little teddy bears printed all over it. I got it for her last year for her 17th birthday, along with too many other things to remember. I'm planning something huge for her 18th in November!

"Hey, nice bikini Amy!" Luke complimented. She smiled at him and turned around to face me.

"Come sit next to me!" I pleaded and she lay herself down next to me, closing her eyes to take in the sun.

"Whoah..." Michael breathed as he got back. Me and Amy both sat up to see our drinks all over the floor and Michael's jaw dropped. Gosh he likes her. I can't wait to start meddling with them!

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