Satan's Daughter

Alice is an abnormal girl who can see the unseen and knows the unknown. What she doesn't know is that she lives with this big secret that could possibly explain why she sees the things she sees and knows the thing she knows. . .


2. Chapter Two

Alice's dreams were always pretty vivid and strange, it was just normal to her. Although, tonight's dream was. . . Different. She has proven before that she can see the future with her dreams, but this one just seemed a bit odd.

       She stood in a dark forest, blood running down her body and a sword in her hand. 'Where did I get that from?' She asked herself.

        She stood before a large creature, terrified at the sight of it. Unsure of what to do, Alice took her sword and swung it at the beastly-creature. 

        "Alice," the beast said, "my daughter, you can't run from this any longer." The creature said in a male voice.

        'So it's a male. . .' She thought to herself as she looked up at him. 'Wait? Daughter?' 

        Almost on que, she spoke outloud, "I don't know who the hell you are, or what you think and want from me, but I am not your daughter!" She yelled. Alice hoped and prayed that this was just another imaginary creature that her mind made up, but the faint voice of a female, young, was heard in the distance.

        "Alice, get away from him!" She yelled at her.

        'Ok, what is going on. I'm confused, nobody has never been able to see my imaginary creatures before, but why all of a sudden now?' Alice thought, she was just extremely confused. Has everyone always seen her creatures and just never spoke about it?

        Alice's grip tightened on the sword she held in her hands, simply wanting to get rid of this creature, protecting the girl at all costs. As she swung the sword, she heard a strange noise.

       'Oh. My alarm clock.' She thought to herself.

        Alice slammed her hand over the clock, and sat up in her bed. She rubbed her eyes as the bright sun poured light into her dark room. Her dream was now a blur to her, and Alice only remembers the feeling of confusion and blood running down her face and arms.

        Alice tiredly limped out of her bedroom, and into the kitchen. She smelt bacon that her mother was cooking for breakfast and yawned as she entered the kitchen. 

        Her mother turned around, and smiled at Alice. "Good morning, sweetheart! How are you, beautiful?"

        'Something isn't right. . . Mom never acts this way. . .' Alice thought to herself, wondering what had gotten into her mom. "Good morning, mom. . ." She said, trailing off. 

        "What's wrong?" Her mother had asked her, "Are you feeling alright?"

        "Yes I am, I'm just wondering what's gotten into you, this morning." 

        Her mother's expression froze, and her face was now filled with fear, as she remembered something. "A-Alice. . . You need to run away. Now." Her mother said to her, fear and worry filling her voice.

        Alice looked at her mother like she was crazy, "What?!" Alice said, her tiredness instantly going away, "You want me to run away?!" She yelled. "Why would I do that?!"

       Her mother simply looked at her with sadness in her eyes, "I need you to run away, he is coming for you. . ." Her mother said.

        'Who the hell is this 'he' person?!' She thought.

        "Alice, you to need to run now!" Her mother said, collapsing to the floor. Alice stood there confused and worried for her mother.

        A white smoke evaporated from her mother, and Alice gasped at what was going on. Her mother's body was lifeless as it fell over to the side, eyes opened and glassy. A ghostly, see through creature was over her mother and Alice was frightened. 

        "W-Who are you, I-I mean, what are you?" Alice asked, mentally slapping herself for stuttering.

        "Who am I?" The creature replied in a low, female voice. "I am Edna and I am here to warn you. In 10 days, your birth father will be here to get you. You will need to run away from your house, you can't be found here. Your father is already sending his army to come and collect you, and I know you don't know who he is, but let me say, he is a very dangerous man." Edna held out her ghostly arms and moved them in strange ways. Soon, red and black particles appeared from the air, forming a stick. More particles of other colors joined the stick, creating a sword. Edna handed it to Alice, and she hesitated for a moment before taking it into her own hands. 

        "This is mine?" She said, realizing it was the same sword she had held and felt in her dreams. She ran her fingers across the sheathed blade and held it tightly in her hands.

        Edna nodded, "All yours. But let me remind you, once unsheathed, you loose all of your humanity, your human form is gone."  The creature said, a frown on her face.

        Alice froze, wondering what she meant by 'human form', "What do you mean by human form? Is there another form I should know about?" Alice asked, fear in her voice.

        Edna sighed, "I didn't want to be the one to tell you this, but I guess I have to," Edna said, hesitating for a moment before speaking again. 

        "You are Satan's daughter."

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