Satan's Daughter

Alice is an abnormal girl who can see the unseen and knows the unknown. What she doesn't know is that she lives with this big secret that could possibly explain why she sees the things she sees and knows the thing she knows. . .


1. Chapter One

        The sun was setting as Alice was sitting on her house's roof. She was young, 15, and was a Sophmore in school. Her birthday was in 11 days, and she wasn't all that excited. 


        "Alice, you need to get down now. It's getting late," Her mother said to her.


        Alice sighed and rolled her eyes to herself as she hopped down onto the ground. 


        "One day, you're going to hurt yourself from jumping down up there." Her mother said, a worried look in her eyes and on her face.


        "No, I won't. I know what I'm doing, I've done it for years." She said, almost emotionless.


        "Oh, alright. Time to get ready for bed, though." Alice's mother said, walking back into the house, turning the outside lights off as she went back inside.


        Alice followed, shoving her hands in the pockets of her jeans. She didn't want to go inside, yet, Alice felt is was too early. Only 7:30, still light outside. Her mother had always made her go inside earlier than all the kids on the block, although Alice never knew why. . .


        Alice walked in the house, closing the door to the outside things behind her. She walked towards the bathroom, and she looked into the mirror. A small snake-like creature was ringed around the towel rack and looking straight at Alice. She wasn't scared, though, for he was only a figment of her imagination.


        "Good afternoon, Alice. I see your mother made you come inside early again today, no?" He asked her, grinning with his snake-like mouth.


        "Hello, Dominique. Yes, she made me come back inside." She looked at the snake in the mirror. 


        "Have you ever asked her why she doesn't allow you outside for so long?" He asked her.


        She frowned, "No, not yet. I haven't had the time. I'm planning on it, though. . ." She said, taking her toothbrush out and placing toothpaste on it. Alice lived in a small house with her poor, single mother. Nobody in their town knew where Alice's father was, hell, nobody knew who he was.


        Dominique smiled evilly, "You know, I could tell you why. . ."


        Alice turned around to look at him, "You know why?" She asked, slightly angry that she had never been told about this before.


        "Why, of course! You think I would lie to you?" He said, knowing the answer.


        Alice laughed, "Yeah." 


        "Well—" He said, getting cut off by Alice's mother.


         Alice's mother could not see Dominique, but she could hear Alice.


        "Alice, don't tell me you're talking to yourself, again. I don't want to have to get another psychiatrist. . ." Her mother said.


        Alice sighed, "No mom, I'm not talking to myself, chill." She said to her mother, annoyed.


        "Oh. . . Alright. . ." Her mother said, walking away from the door.


        "Dominique, I'll hear about it later. I need to brush my teeth and head to bed." Alice said, picking up her toothbrush and brushing her teeth.


        "Oh fine, see you later, then," Dominique said, slowly vanishing as he hissed at her. Seconds later, he was no longer there.


        Once Alice finished, she rinsed off her brush with water from the sink and put it back in the cup she got it from. She turned the lights off as she walked out of the bathroom and closed the door behind her. Walking to her room, she yelled, "Night, mom!"


        Her mother never responded, and she opened the door to her small room. Alice flopped down onto her bed, and quickly closed her eyes and fell asleep.        





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