past can change everthing

When a Dana Jansen moves to California to come live with her grandma she meets the bad boy James Jacobs when they cross each other paths it would get to love, death and betrayal who would run or hide, she has secrets of her own but keeps running away from him why? Dose the bad boy feel sorry for her?


3. Next door neighbor


When I went back to grams house I thought I was going to die because of this heat, it feels like I'm in a damn desert. When I got inside I literally froze there talking to my grams is the jack ass himself  James Jacobs he is known as the black coat, motorcycle type bad boy causing fights getting kicked out of school.

I tripped over my grams boots and looked up to see James smirking at me and says, " hi kitten." then leaves me there and he gets the last word he wants to play this game its game on.

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