past can change everthing

When a Dana Jansen moves to California to come live with her grandma she meets the bad boy James Jacobs when they cross each other paths it would get to love, death and betrayal who would run or hide, she has secrets of her own but keeps running away from him why? Dose the bad boy feel sorry for her?


2. New school


Finally I arrive at my grandmas its a lot hotter than I'm used to damn this hot place I just want to go to my room and sleep. When I got to my grans house it was fucking huge its a lot bigger than I'm used to my grans opened the door and exclaimed " hey cupcake haven't seen you in forever how our you doing?" I looked at her and  put my fake or should I say don't give a fuck look " I been doing great not in the mood just want to sleep k grans." She looked at me and it looked like she trying to figure me out but then that's gone she smiled and led me into her hell chamber.

Grans told me that tomorrow I go to my new school yeah school is a bitch I hate as much as I hate teachers they can be such assholes. My grans told me that I going shopping for some new clothes  hate clothes when we go to the damn mall I asked her " grans can I go and get my hair died to a cool jet black color with some red strikes in it please?" She looked at me and answered would like that but you have to let me buy you some clothes is that okay with you." I looked at her and shook my head next thing you new I'm in black leggings and a black and red belly shirt she knows how to pick clothes.

After that she dropped me off at school in her big Suva what the fuck is this I walked up to the school and someone whistled and said " hey can have you number kitten." I looked at him and said fuck no and left school going to be fun fuck me.

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