past can change everthing

When a Dana Jansen moves to California to come live with her grandma she meets the bad boy James Jacobs when they cross each other paths it would get to love, death and betrayal who would run or hide, she has secrets of her own but keeps running away from him why? Dose the bad boy feel sorry for her?


1. moving

Today I'm moving yeah it sucks I going to California to live with my grandma I been having problems with I never suppose to tell. I been staying in the darkness for a while I not that kind of person who loves to hang out with other people I rather be by myself and stay with my music hoodies, and head phones. My parents are making me go to California because of what happened during school.

flashback: I usually go to school with Emmys and Brit I have to go to cheerleading practice my mom made me try out, of course the all the rich girls have to do it that what my mom said. When I got in the building of the school, my boyfriend Jose is where he usually at but, he isn't there. When I walk to my locker with Emmys and Brit asked " where do you think he is at he usually is here with you.... before she could finish her sentence  Jose came running at me and he screamed " why in the hell did you cheat on me." I looked at him and I was so confused I asked " I never cheated on you where are you getting this from?" He looked at me and next thing I new I'm on the ground crying and bleeding.

End of flashback: Since then I have being hiding I would never trust anyone boys ever again all my friends turned against me and left me alone to rot or even die. That's what I wanted but, when I tried my parents tacking to my grandmas over the summer because, there going to Rome and they don't want to leave me alone oh well moving day is so much fun new school.

Author Notes I just got done with first chapter new to this hopeful you like it I will wrote soon!!

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