Daddy Please

This story is about girl who had to run away from home because her parents going behind each others' back but not only s he met a thug who she fell in love, except he didn't love her at all, so letting her falling and left her alone.


2. The truth

I was next to my parents, then my mom wanted a drink, so I went get her a drink, I saw my dad talking to a man. Then he said "This is daughter, Dolly," I said "Hello." I left to find my mom but I couldn't find her, so I went to the library to read, then I saw my mom kissing another man. I said "Mom!!" I ran to my room, I got a bag and started to pack, my door was lock, I grabbed my credit card and my savings, that was in my jewelry box. I left to a hotel, I paid in cash, my parents called the police to look for me.

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