Daddy Please

This story is about girl who had to run away from home because her parents going behind each others' back but not only s he met a thug who she fell in love, except he didn't love her at all, so letting her falling and left her alone.


5. My heart

At midnight, I couldn't sleep at all until I heard a knock on the door, so I went to open the door, there were 3 drunk guys, I asked "Can I help you?" They asked "Where is 6B at?" I said "This is 6B," they came in and took out a gun and a card. I asked "What the hell you want?" They started to look down at my boobs, then they came really close, then another knock on the door, so I went to the door quickly. A guy said "I'm sorry to wake you up, but I lost my 2 bros, have you seen?" I flew the door wide open that he could see for himself, the boys said "Hey bro, this is going to be interesting, right?" I started to cry, then boy said "Hey, I'm so sorry, did they harassed you?" I shook my head, I heard sirens outside of the hotel, then I went to the balcony. Then I got on the rail of the  balcony, then the guy said "Whoa, I think you don't want to do that," I yelled "I HATE MY LIFE!!!" He said "Okay, I'm going to get you down," I nodded, I wanted someone to hold me. Then he grabbed my waist, I said "MY name is Dolly and thank you," he said "I'm Cesar but everyone calls me Lil Cesar." His brothers went into the lobby, I heard the doorknob turned then the cops came and said "FREEZE!!" They arrested Cesar.

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