Daddy Please

This story is about girl who had to run away from home because her parents going behind each others' back but not only s he met a thug who she fell in love, except he didn't love her at all, so letting her falling and left her alone.


3. I'm hiding

3 weeks passed, the cops couldn't find me, my mom filed divorce papers with my dad, I went and found myself a job at the Rock Hill Hotel, while I was working, my boss call the cops. I saw a cop's car in front of the hotel, I said "Chris, I'm going on my break," Chris said "Alright." When I walked out, the officer saw me and said "Dolly, your parents want you to come home," I said "I'm not going." The cops didn't want to make a scene, so they left, I went to get breakfast, then the chief of police came to me, and said "Dolly, please don't this to your parents." I said "You can tell that to my mom since she did something to make me runaway from home!" I left and headed to a store to buy a energy drink.

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