Daddy Please

This story is about girl who had to run away from home because her parents going behind each others' back but not only s he met a thug who she fell in love, except he didn't love her at all, so letting her falling and left her alone.


7. Am I going to die?

The girl said "Babe, call for the ambulance," I ran somewhere else then Cesar grabbed my hand, I slapped him, and went to room, the guy was still there. I asked "What do you want?" He looked at me and said "I want you since you're very beautiful," I kicked him in the balls then I said "You could go to hell!!" I went to attack him, he pulled the trigger, twice. Cesar saw him and said "Nice bro," I grabbed the phone and called 911. Cesar saw me in pain, I got up and went to the balcony, I said "Thank you," they were confused I fell to my knees. In my dying breath "I loved you,Cesar," he was shocked, I was in the hospital for 3 years. 

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