Daddy Please

This story is about girl who had to run away from home because her parents going behind each others' back but not only s he met a thug who she fell in love, except he didn't love her at all, so letting her falling and left her alone.


4. A fight with my parents

When my parents came to the hotel, my mom asked for me, then I said "Wow my mom you can't recognize your own daughter," she said "Dolly?" I said "I gotta go to school," my dad said "School?" I nodded and my mom went to get a drink, before I went to school, they started to argue about the custody of me but I told them that I found an apartment that I won't go with any of them. When I got back, my dad was drunk, I asked "Daddy, you're drunk, aren't you?" Then his friend was walking with his son, so I said "Okay, let's go home," when we got there, the maids and butlers were running towards us, so I said "Hey you guys, can you take him to his bed, please," they asked "Yes, but aren't you coming, miss?" I said "Nope, it's me Dolly, I'm working late," they were  shocked, I left to work, then my dad's friend saw me and said "Where have you been, Miss Dolly?" I told them that I was sleeping over at a friend's house, then saw me entering a hotel.

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