Dark Castle

The doors were all over, on the ceiling, all down the hall, and some in the floor.
Where do they lead to?


6. The Jungle

Chapter 6


I woke up and the sun was still blazing, I figured out that in the sun room, there was no night; so I was always safe from the demon. There was a tray of food in the desk, just like yesterday, the baboons were really nice after all. I went out of the shack, and set down an old towel that I had found, I laid down and relaxed. After a good hour in the sun, I jumped in the ocean. The ocean had no sharks, just fish, I had been watching the ocean for a long time to make sure.

I came back out of the water, and realized there was a jungle in he distance. I started walking toward it, and I broke into a run, it looked so beautiful! I heard monkeys howling, birds singing, and crickets chirping. When I reached the edge of the jungle, I looked up to see a group of monkeys. They weren't too big, or too small, they were jumping from tree to tree. I watched them until they were gone, except, one was left behind. This monkey was very small, and it was very bad at jumping from tree to tree.

To my horror, the little monkey slipped and fell to the ground. I raced forward to try to catch him, but I was too late, he lay there, a brown lump, motionless. I went forward and picked him up, he was unconscious or... I couldn't finish the thought. I ran back to the shack and laid a blanket in a bundle on my bed, I laid the limp baby monkey there for him to rest. I covered the blanket over him and felt to see if any of his bones were broken.

After feeling around, I realized he had a fractured right leg. I tore a piece of my shirt off, and wrapped his little leg, when I placed his leg back down, his fingers twitched. I felt a weight being lifted just slightly in my chest, although I don't know why. I sat in a chair by my bed for hours, finally, the little monkey opened his eyes. He looked around and when he saw me, his eyes widened, he started thrashing and trying to get out of the blanket. He yelped and grabbed his leg in pain, he tried to rip off the torn piece of shirt, but I stepped in.

"Hey, it's okay, it's okay, I won't hurt you, I promise. Please just calm down," I stroked it's fur, and he relaxed. Over the next few weeks, the monkey, which I named Loui, and I became really close. I taught him how to shake hands, sit on chairs, walk like humans, and swim. On the other hand, he taught me how to swing from vines, jump from tree to tree (he finally learned how to), and also find food in the jungle. He had lost his pack, so I decided he can live with me, in the shack, which I had chosen to live in forever. Since the Demon incident, I decided never to leave the sun room again.

Loui and I had been making a large house out of bamboo for the past few weeks, we decided we would be safer at the top of the trees, so we made a way to climb up to it, made a patio, doors, rooms, a bathroom of sorts, and a rooftop terrace where we could see the beach. Once we had finished, we decided to make furniture, we made a large bamboo square table, which blocks the windows so we can sleep, and chairs, tables, food holders, and much more. The monkey had his own room, but I like it better when he sleeps with me, he is like a pet now, a part of my happiness.

All was perfect, until something went terribly wrong...

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