Dark Castle

The doors were all over, on the ceiling, all down the hall, and some in the floor.
Where do they lead to?


5. Running

Chapter 5


I held my breath as the hooded figure smelled the air, it looked in my direction, I screamed in my head, but didn't move a muscle. It started walking toward me, I wish that a book would fall off it's shelf on the other side of the room, I thought. I slowly and quietly grabbed a book off the shelf, and fling it across the room. The hooded figure raced over to where the book had fallen, I took my chances and ran to the desk, grabbed a quill and ran to the picture frame, and flung it open. The cement wall slid open way too slowly, when it was open enough to go through, the hooded figure had seen me and was rushing towards me.

I turned around and stabbed the quill on the hooded figures chest. Behind me, there was a sound so full of agony, and so inhuman like, it rattled my bones. As I army crawled through the small passage way, a bony hand reached out and gripped my leg with far too much strength than it should of had. I screamed at the top of my lungs as the hand started pulling me backwards, I gripped the other side of the passage, and pulled with all my strength; being a rock climber gives you pretty good muscles, just saying.

The hooded figure put his head over where my leg was, and I kicked with all my might up, I hit his hooded head so hard that his hood fell off, it was the most terrifying sight I have ever seen. His face was rotting flesh that looked hundreds of years old, there were grey bones visible in most places, and his lips were shriveled and pure grey; but worst of all, he was missing his left eye. I screamed again as I fell down the other side of the passage way, I slammed the painting shut over the hole. I grabbed my bag with my chocolate in it, and ran for the door. The demon's hand broke through the painting, just as rotten and bony as his face, I flung open the knob, and ran for dear life.

I ran deeper into the hallway, looking for a room, I found the perfect place and ran in, the knob was nice and warm indicating it was not dangerous. I was on a beach, the sun was blazing, making my skin feel hot, the small waves hit the beach every ten or so seconds making me feel very tired. Far down the beach, I saw a hut of sorts, I ran for it, the soft, hot sand feeling amazing on my bare feet. I reached the hut, ran inside, and found a bed made of bamboo, along with a bamboo desk, chair, and fan.

I threw my bag on my bed and I sat down, then I felt an excruciating pain in my shoulder, I had just done all that, forgetting I had a damaged shoulder? Wow, adrenaline really helps block all of your other senses. I looked out the window, the empty space where a window should be, and I saw him. The door opened and the demon walked in, then he immediately put his hands up in agony, and ran from the room, the door slammed shut.

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