Dark Castle

The doors were all over, on the ceiling, all down the hall, and some in the floor.
Where do they lead to?


3. ladders and platforms

Chapter 3


After I left the room with the baboons, I decided to go on another adventure. I was walking back to the cavernous part when I saw something on the wall, I pressed it, and torches all over the walls burst alive with flame. I jumped with a start, and then put the torch I was holding onto an empty torch holder. I was walking around and I saw the rusting, metal ladder, I started to walk toward it, and decided to climb it. I was getting higher and higher, when I saw the top, it was gradually getting colder as I ascended.

I finally reached the metal platform, and there was one door; the door was pure black, and the handle, unlike all of the others, was normal. I grabbed the handle and jumped back in searing pain. I lost my balance, and fell backwards off the platform, I was falling down to my death, I flailed my arms and tried with all my might to grab a part of the ladder. Near the bottom, I finally grasped a part of the metal ladder, the former from the falling and grabbing dislocated my shoulder. I screamed at the top of my lungs, it hurt more then you could imagine to dislocate your shoulder this way. I grabbed the ladder with my other arm, and climbed painfully, and slowly back to the floor.

I collapsed onto the cold concrete and sobbed as I held my shoulder, it was feeling as though it was being torn from my body. I looked regretfully at my right hand and saw the pink blisters all over it, why hadn't I tested it before grabbing it? Why did the door knob not have a shape on it? I was full of questions. I dragged myself back to my room with all the beds in it, I flung myself on the bed and tried to pop my left shoulder back into place. After many very painful tries, my shoulder popped back into place making me sob once more. I laid on the bed as still as a dead fish, going over what had just happened over and over in my head until I fell into a troubled sleep.

I was climbing the ladder again, then I was grabbing the knob, then I was falling, this time I didn't catch myself. I fell through the floor, I was flying past doors everywhere, I was falling through the earth until I fell into nothingness and floated around as if I were in space. Then, I fell into pure darkness and hit something hard. I woke with a start, I was lying on the cold floor, I must have fallen in my sleep. I laid in my bed again and sat there thinking of my dream when I heard footsteps, I froze where I was, I was staring at the door willing no one to come out of it. The knob began to turn, then it went back to normal, I heard footsteps once again, then they were gone.

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